Shot with Canon EOS 3 and Kodak Portra film

I didn't mean to take so long with finishing up the Japan photos. I really wish I had actually been a bit more prompt because as I was focusing on school stuff, our hard drive died  and we lost the rest of our Japan photos. Mike had tried to back them up as the hard drive was failing but they didn't transfer over properly. Huge bummer. Mike is usually quite fastidious with backing up files but it just slipped through the cracks this time. In any case, Mike had shot a bunch of film during the trip, so we at least have those of Tokyo and Hiroshima.

It rained a lot when we were in Tokyo. It was hard to maintain an upbeat attitude during the torrential downpours so it doesn't really stand out as a favourite travel destination. We are actually planning on going back for a little bit in the fall so hopefully we luck out with some better weather.

Hiroshima was extremely moving. I knew it was likely going to be really depressing (and it was) but the museum and the city of Hiroshima also push a huge message of peace. The mayor of Hiroshima writes each world leader every single time they do a  nuclear test. Hundreds of letters are posted in the museum, including many to George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

In grade four, I learned about Japan and Sadako and became a bit obsessed. Little bits of what I had learned kept coming back to me throughout our time in Japan. It was really touching to see these tiny little paper cranes that had actually been folded by Sadako herself. Thousands of paper cranes are now sent to Hiroshima and are displayed throughout the memorial grounds.

We also made a day trip to Itsukushima Shrine. It was again a bit drizzly and we ended up having a really silly fight while we were there. It was the first thing Mike and I thought of when going through these film photos. It was still a neat thing to see even if I wasn't in the best of spirits!

That's it for Japan! Our summer adventures begin this weekend! Looking forward to coming back here with Mike's photos from Israel and our collective photos from Turkey and Morocco. See you in September. xx


Our holidays managed to align perfectly with sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan. Similar to going to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, it was both a blessing and a curse. Of course it was unbelievably beautiful, but it also meant accommodations were booked solid and it was busy everywhere. But flowering trees are kind of my jam, so in this case I say - worth it!

Tokyo up next!


At the beginning of April, Mike and I headed to Japan for a week. It was high time we went there since it's so close and flights are so cheap! My school holidays aligned perfectly with cherry blossom season which was lovely. However, it was also incredibly rainy which made it a more difficult trip at times. Here are a few shots of spots in and around Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine, Nara to visit the deer, geisha spotting in Gion, and Arashiyama bamboo forest.


We're getting on a plane for Japan tonight, so I thought I'd throw up a few more shots of HK before we leave. We loved wandering around the artsy neighbourhoods of Soho and Central (pictured in the last post) and checking out the bird and flower market. I was surprised to feel right at home in the Stanley market area. It felt just like North America. I know most people wouldn't desire that during a trip to Asia, however, it's been six months since the last time we were home, so it just felt so good! Give me a boardwalk and a patio and I'm a happy woman.

Check out all 3000 of our Hong Kong photos in four minutes over here! (Nicely done, Mike!)


I've been sitting on these Hong Kong photos for awhile, but the last few weeks I've been caught in an end of term/report card haze. Happy to report that I have emerged unscathed and now am able to share some photos from our most recent trip.

At the end of January, we headed to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year (설날 - Seollal in Korea). There were are definite advantages and disadvantages to going to HK during that time. On the plus side, we got to be there for the Chinese New Year parade and fireworks. On the down side, accommodations and flights were more expensive and a lot of places were closed. While all the Chinese New Year stuff was neat, we weren't blown away by it and would probably recommend for people to avoid going to HK during that time.

I am not usually one for big cities, but I genuinely really liked HK. There was so much to do, the weather was beautiful, and it was so easy to get around. More details about our favourite spots in my next post.


A random mélange of our last NZ photos. What a place!


We made a quick stop in Dunedin for a terrific dinner date with Gemma and her man, Andrew. They were just the nicest and I can't wait to cross paths with them again. We drove to the Moeraki Boulders straight from supper. We had planned to camp at a nearby doc site but the entry was flooded over. So we parked our van and spent the night in the Moeraki Boulders parking lot! :)

As a result, we were able to get a nice early start the next day. It was a bit rainy so the boulders weren't that crowded. We had ample opportunity to hop between boulders and take lots of pictures. It's such a neat spot - probably one of my favourites on the trip.