Six months later, I'm ready to finish off my Taiwan posts! We have so many photos but I've decided to make a few longer posts, rather than drag it out forever. So here we go!

While in Taipei, we stayed at Mango53 Inn. It's quite close to Longshan Temple and a super quick walk to the MRT station. It was a nice spot! On our second day, we decided to head to the temple. It was a total madhouse - I think because of Lunar New Year. We didn't get to see much of the temple but we had some grilled sausages and milk tea while we people watched!
taiwan post 2a
We then headed to the Taipei Zoo MRT station so we could check out the Maokong Gondola. The gondola ride was about 20 minutes! At the top, there were all sorts of food vendors, cafes, and tea houses. We had a delicious lunch at a spot that overlooked the mountains! It was a bit smoggy, but we could still see Taipei 101 peeking out in the distance. It was really nice to be somewhere less crowded after our chaotic morning.
taiwan post 2b
Once we were back in the city, we went to Taipei 101. The building has the fastest elevator in the world! It zips you up to the 89th floor in only 40 seconds! (Mike's fave part, obvi.) We timed it so that we were there for sunset - so nice!
taiwan post 2c
Next up - Beitou Hot Springs and Danshui!


  1. I definitely want to visit Taiwan, I really need a vacation! Your pictures are amazing!

  2. this is so lovely, looking forward to the next part!

  3. wow wow wow! just read through all your taiwan posts, amazing! perfect timing- i can't believe your posting photos of my NEIGHBOURHOODS! I'm moving to tamsui in 2 days! and you totally inspire me to see a ton while I'm living in that area. you're amazing, janis! your tips- photos- descriptions... i just love your work. I'm sure we'll see a lot of familiar places, and hopefully i can capture them as well as you always do. xo


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