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Taiwan had been on our travel list for a long time but tickets were always more expensive than other places in Asia. We eventually decided to just bite the bullet and bought some tickets for over Lunar New Year. We were able to redeem points for one of the round trip flights so it wasn't quite as big of a blow financially. Taiwan was amazing so the moral of this story is: just buy the tickets, money be damned!

Whenever we gush about Taiwan (because we do anytime anyone asks us about our favourite trips in Asia!), people are always a bit surprised. It is definitely a bit off the radar, but absolutely worth checking out. There's so much going on in Taipei (especially in regards to food & markets!) and tons of amazing day trips out of Taipei. It is also really affordable compared to its hip cousin Hong Kong (I think our train ride down to Taroko National Park was $12!). We found Taipei to be really clean and had a cool, artsy vibe.

Additionally, it was just one of those trips where everything just went so well. We rode trains, buses, and taxis with ease and the weather was great (cloudy sometimes but never rainy). People were so friendly and we saw some really beautiful stuff. After our trip to Sri Lanka at Christmas, we were just so appreciative of how smoothly everything went.

So here are some photos of the first place we checked out. If you want to lose twenty minutes of your life, check out Yehliu Geo Park on instagram. That's how I first came across the park and immediately decided we needed to visit. Yehliu Geo Park, located on the coast, is home to many strangely shaped rock formations, formed as a result of years of geological movement. It really feels like a different planet! We took a 90 minute bus ride to the park and admission was under $4. More info here!


  1. Awesome photos. You're so lucky that you get to travel to foreign countries on a regular basis.

    1. Definitely grateful for all the travel opportunities that came our way! However, now that we've moved back to Canada (and Mike is in school) we'll probably be traveling a lot less.

  2. I agree, Taiwan is so good! It looks like you really lucked out with your visit to Yehliu in that it looks like no one was there! When I went, it was brutal and packed with tourists. Still really cool though :)

  3. Yes! It was not too crowded. I also like to choose photos that don't really have other people in them. :) I think it was a little quieter that day because it was forecasted to rain, but then didn't - win!

  4. Aaa now I want to add this to my 'Asian travel list' too! This list is so endless but my budget isn't... I'm based in Thailand so maybe flights from here are a bit more affordable :-) thanks for the tip anyways!

  5. Hello Janis,
    Lovely photos and great insight. We spent 5 weeks in Sri Lanka and we were so fortunate, sunny most of the time. We are in Hua Hin, Thailand for the next 21/2 months just traveling around seeing this amazing country. Taiwan is on our list as well. Merry Christmas :)

  6. What a stunning place! Love your photos!
    Hannie Arden from missingwanderer.org.

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