Hello again! Finally back to blogging, at long last. We've been settling into things here in Vancouver and trying to figure out what this new life of ours is going to look like. Starting new things is always hard but I have to trust things will work out!

So, Sri Lanka! It was honestly a bit painful to go through these photos because thinking of this trip always makes me a little sad. We weren't there nearly long enough and things just didn't work out. We were supposed to be there for 10 days during peak (sunny!) season, but it ended up raining A LOT. 

We started at the beach in Unawatuna and decided just make the best of it. However, the rain began to throw a wrench in all our plans. We checked out nearby Galle, dropped our Yala National Park plans and went to Lion's Rock (Sigiriya) instead. It was beautiful, despite the rain.

Then we were all set to head to Ella in the hill country, but some trains had run off course so all trains headed into the mountains were cancelled. Roads elsewhere were closed as well so we couldn't even get to Kandy if we had wanted to. We weren't really sure what to do for the rest of our trip and didn't know if it would turn into a potentially dangerous situation. So with heavy hearts, we packed our bags and headed to Thailand for the rest of the time. 

Weather is always unpredictable and there was no way I could have really planned around it.  Additionally, people lost their homes and some even died due to the freak weather, so I really shouldn't complain that our vacation was cut short. And as we were there, we realized 10 days wouldn't have been nearly long enough anyways. We could have spent more time there but I had been so obsessed with finding the cheapest tickets that I went with ten days. In the future, I think it's worth paying more money for tickets in order to really maximize our time in a place. Lesson learned!

Anyways, all this to say, I am eager to return to Sri Lanka (and check out India as well) in the future. We met such lovely people during our stay there and there is SO much to see. 


  1. It's always a pleasure to discover your trips and photos...

    1. More coming soon, hopefully. Gotta get back in the groove!

  2. Gorgeous photos as always! Missed your photos and welcome back! Hope things go smoothly in your settling down in Vancouver.

    1. Feeling more comfortable every day! Thanks! :)


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