kari's getting married!

it really doesn't seem so long ago that i wrote this post, but my dear friend kari is getting married this weekend!

friday night, the six of us bridesmaids threw a fun, cozy, little bachelorette for kari -  gorgeous hotel suite, food, wine, paper heart decorations, flowers... it was a nice little break before the intense wedding week begins!

ps. i realize my blog isn't the prettiest right now, but mike & i are designing a sweet new layout! it probably wasn't the best timing to start redesigning it (with it being wedding week and all), so it might be a bit before it all comes together!


  1. That looks like the perfect little bachelorette celebration- I love the paper hearts!

    p.s. Your pictures make up for any layout troubles you may be having- as always, they're gorgeous.

  2. Oh my ! It's this weekend already !!
    I'm getting married in two months and it feels so close :)
    The bachelorette party you had for her definitely sounds (and looks) like something I would love !
    Have fun this weekend !!

  3. Aw how sweet!
    And I love your scarf, girl! xo

  4. gahhhhhhhhhh how do I get my photos like yours?!?! SO AMAZING!! xox

  5. oh jan, you really have gotten SO good. I even like that picture of myself!

  6. those are lovely little heart garlands:) How did you make them?

    p.s. I came across your blog recently and think that you have a neat way of highlighting the wonderful moments and things that can exist in ordinary places.

  7. oh you are all so sweet!!

    @marisolkate: for the heart garlands, i enlisted upon my boyfriend and a few friends to help me cut out a bunch of paper hearts. i then strung them together with a needle and thread! worked like a charm!

  8. So I definitely creeped over to your blog via your boyfriends. Just wanted to let you know you have the cutest.blog.ever.
    Congratulations to your friend, the bachelorette looked awesome :)

  9. very pretty pictures. i know it's not permanent, but, i kinda like the simpleness of the blog... it's refreshing.

  10. R U SERIOUS?! how CUTE!!!

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    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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