the time my best friend drove 27 hours and surprised me.

on sunday, mike suggested that we head to the Forks (market/shops/restaurants/river walk) for the afternoon. there were quite a few things that really needed to be done (including an intimidatingly enormous pile of dishes) but i agreed. i took my time getting ready to go and mike kept hovering around impatiently - not really like him at all. it's usually me that hovers around annoyingly.

we got to the forks and mike seemed to get flustered as i suggested that we go to the frozen yogurt place instead of the ice cream place - and oh, maybe we should sit by the river - or at least go outside to eat... finally he got me to sit down at a table. we had just dug into our frozen yogurt, when a sweet voice asks, "is this seat taken?".

instinctively i thought, "lady, there are lots of other seats around!" (ha! i'm so unfriendly?!)... then i looked up and saw my beautiful friend melissa, who hails from surrey, british columbia. i screamed, hopped around, looked between mike & mel in astonishment, and demanded to know how they planned this. absolute, complete, and utter surprise - a fabulous feeling! i was in a state of shock the rest of the day!

so i've decided that when best friends + boyfriends plan surprises, it's the best combination ever.


  1. that is so sweet! you're so lucky :)

  2. What a wonderful surprise! I'm with you- boyfriend and/or best friend surprises are definitely the best.

  3. awww...i'm so happy for you! simple yet the most endearing gesture ever!

  4. so nice. what a good surprise.

    when i read forks i immediately thought twilight. no surprise there.

  5. oh! that just makes me so happy for you! best friends are, well, the best. especially when conspiring with boyfriends for fantastic surprises. love it!

  6. This just made me so happy :} What a wonderful surprise indeed. And what a dear friend!

  7. janis! hi hi! i stumbled upon your sweet little blog and couldn't help but hit the follow button! i look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xo

  8. what a fantastic surprise! you two look so happy in those photos! [and the photos are fantastic, btw!]

    my hubby surprised me with my best friend in nyc for my baby shower. i will never forget that moment!

  9. ha. i love this. and i knew you'd be off your hat stoked that she showed up!! yeah!!!
    i'll get you next time...just you wait.


  10. how sweet is that?! i hope you guys had the best time!


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