another friendly guest post from 'the boyfriend' :

on our last day out on the (up)town we took our nearly matching blue v-necks for a stroll.

around mid-day our stomachs informed us that it was time to find food and our camera informed us that this food had better be found in a cute spot.

after walking a few blocks with nothing seeming to jump out at us, we came across this gem.

Barbette - a cozy, quaint little french bistro with a lovely street side patio. perfection.

- needless to say, both of our stomachs and our camera were happily satisfied -


  1. omg, i want to come visit and relive this exact day! looks so perfect and french bistros are always amazing.

  2. Welcome back to the blogosohere, Mike! I love these pictures, and what an adorable place to eat lunch!

    (Isn't it great when you can satisfy both your tummy AND your camera?)

  3. i want to go there! colourful tables are my calling! :D

  4. Those matching v necks are just too cute for words, did you plan that or it was just a coincidence?

  5. This looks adorable. So what did you guys eat ?

  6. french restaurants are so divine.

    really adoring the coloured tables at this cafe - now I want one for my backyard! :) they really would brighten up your day.

  7. @my little photographs: complete coincidence!

    @ french lover: we had a lamb burger, fries, and a crêpe. it got really cold, so we didn't actually eat outside. hence, no photos! haha.

  8. Oh my sweet heavens I am in love with this sweet blog of yours!! XO

  9. You two are crazy cute.

    I want to go on a lazy day adventure like that.

    Looks like fun!



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