i have a boyfriend who takes photographs.

sometimes these photographs are of me + are so darn pretty,
they make me feel pretty.

prior to dating mike, i had never really thought about how darn amazing it would be to date a photographer.
but guess what, it is!

he is very patient with me as i take billions of pictures
("just one more! i promise!")
and takes a billion himself
and teaches me how to use my camera manually
and gives me little photoshop lessons
and lets me watch him edit wedding photos
(as i sit there in amazement)
and together we photo document everything!

it is such a huge bonus on top of what an amazing person mike is
and how he makes me melt into a puddle of happiness on a continual basis.

i am so happy + blessed + crazily in love with this man!

*i realize this post is a little mushy. but sometimes, you just have to be i think!


  1. Bring on the mushiness! It's a tribute to you both! These images are gorgeous! He's so talented as are you!

  2. I think you're right. A little mushiness does a soul some good.

    p.s. Stunning photos!

  3. these photos are amazing - you ARE so lucky to be dating a photographer! i need lessons in all of those things!

  4. i agree, the photos are GREAT!
    the mushiness just shows how crazy you are for him :) it's sweet!

  5. aww how sweet. What a great idea! That's lucky that he's awesome & a photographer. Good for you!

  6. janis, these photos of you are gorgeous! you are indeed very lucky :)

  7. Stunning photos of you :)

    Im dating a guy who takes wonderful photos too - I just cant bring myself to start putting up the ones of me yet...but one day I will, im sure.

  8. you are totally allowed to be mushy. these photos are gorgeous! i'm glad you have a wonderful man who makes you happy :)

  9. Aww that's adorable! I want a personal photographer 24/7 - it's like chic paparazzi!

  10. these are so beautiful!! i love lens flares :)

  11. awww, such pretty pictures! i wish my bf took pictures of me that look that beautiful :) but I'm the photographer in the relationship, so I have to take self ports ;)

  12. Aw Janis, these are adorably pretty! :)

  13. I'm all for mushy. Those photos are incredible. Magnifiques !

  14. hello beautiful photos!

    this line: "and how he makes me melt into a puddle of happiness on a continual basis" is just so perfect. :)

  15. YOUR SO CUTE!!

    *in my best british accent*


  16. well the thing is, janis, you ARE pretty, so very pretty. so capturing that on film is easy-peez my dear friend.
    those dimples are the envy of probably most everyone...i love them.

    so glad you have found a dude with such great perks. haha. GREAT perks in my books!


  17. Merci beaucoup for your sweet words. I'm unfortunately pretty used to long distance relationships. My first love was a Canadian, too (talk about patterns, right) so I will be sure to tip you off on the do's and dont's of long-distance romance.
    And my first piece of advice would be... don't think too much about it and enjoy your time together for now :) Carpe Diem !

  18. Oh, forget if it's mushy, it's beautiful!

    So happy for you Janis, it sounds just great, better than a movie. It's real, and it's life, what can possibly be more beautiful (and mushy:) than that?

  19. ahhhhhh his photographs are amazing! I hope to one day understand ALL the features on my camera LOL!!

    by the way, I love mushy blog posts

  20. Oh how I love photographs! You are so fortunate to have such a great teacher!... and great boyfriend ;-) I LOOOVE your second photo, the one where you're wearing glasses, so natural looking. Amazing.

  21. I love your mushiness!! Your dimples are ADORABLE in the first photo. by the way. Now I understand why dimples are such a great thing to have!

    I love you two. Those photos are like watching a really really good mushy movie that makes me cry with happiness more than with sadness.

    love, rudi

  22. lovely pictures, lovely lady!

    i kind of delight in how oddly similar we are. except my boyfriend watches me edit wedding photos. after i trained him a bit on how to use the camera, he's taken off with it! he knows more about cameras than me, i swear. it's a bit embarrassing. ;) i'm pretty sure you conquer the camera, too.

    that last picture of you guys is really sweet. have a fantastic week!

  23. WOW! these are beautiful. YOU are beautiful! i absolutely love the lens flare in them. i hardly get so lucky!


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