the project that never ends...

i have a combined final creative project for two of my classes that is dragging out into eternity.
but today, i finally finished part of it...the felt board!
i am seriously indebted to mike who helped cut out little animals
+ didn't mind when i came over with a huge bag bursting of felt + hot glue guns.

however, i still have so much to do...
i realized today that this little calvin + hobbes snippet basically sums up my attitude towards school work:

Calvin: I work better under pressure.
Hobbes: Actually, you work only under pressure.
Calvin: That way, the work time is more miserable, but there's less of it.

well, best get back to work! ciao! 

ps. thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday - it was a lovely day! i will post pictures of mike's romantic little birthday surprise for me soon...


  1. Good luck with your work! Love the felt board - you and mike are so talented. It reminds me of the felt board my mom has (she's a second grade teacher in Maine)! Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, friend!

  2. YES oh my gosh those quotes completely summarize my life right now!!!

  3. Oh Calvin and Hobbes. So funny and so true. Lovely work! I love the little house with the clothes line.


    p.s. Did you happen to enter my giveaway yet? You don't want to miss this one!

  4. you are so talented.

  5. That is the most adorable felt board...probably that I've ever seen. Aren't bf's who help out the best!?!?!?!

    ps my post was about my brother, Matt, who is serving a mission in Uganda, Africa for our church. Missionaries are gone for 2 years, and although it seems like a long time, it's probably the best two years of their lives. He absolutely loves it there and the time has honestly flown by. We get to talk once a week via letters and emails. If you have any other questions just let me know.
    you can send them to


  6. wow you're so talented, I love that!

  7. Aww I missed your birthday :(
    Oh well, joyeux anniversaire anyway.
    Your boyfriend sounds seriously amazing !

    Thank you for your sweet comment by the way. I am doing ok for now. It's the next 60 days that scare me ;-)

    Bisous ma chérie !

  8. your little animals are so cute! i hope the work is going by quickly for you, i know mine feels like it's dragging on eternally too! good luck pretty lady!

  9. i think you should get an A.
    and hahaha, if i could count the times i've found school-work solace in the humor of calvin + hobbes, it would be innumerable. haha, LOVE calvin.

    and you. good luck jan-ban!

  10. i'm getting my teaching credentials too!

  11. That board is so flipping intricate! I love the little clothesline. And that quote describes me perfectly too...makes lots of sense, I say :)

  12. This is so cute, it came out fantastic!


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