"michael jackson is the king of pop!"

before christmas, i was working on rhyming with my little kiddies at the elementary school. we are now working on "key word booklets". the kids choose a "key word" and that's the only word they have to spell perfectly in their whole journal entry.

last week, some grade ones were chosing their key words when a little girl excitedly threw up her hand, "pop! i want my key word to be pop!"

i told her that was a great choice, and she excitedly said, "i'm chosing 'pop' because michael jackson is the king of pop!" 

she sits down and begins writing. i asked her why she liked MJ and she said, "i'm his biggest fan. i draw pictures of him every day." 

Her comment prompted a group conversation about the king, with kids singing random parts of "billie jean" and "black or white". some kid even started quoting part of "this is it"!

man. i love my job sometimes...


  1. i LOVE your new header. amazing!!!! i'm trying to design a new one and can't stick with any!

  2. I love it when classic artists carry on through to generation after generation... what ever happened to the spice girls!? They were classic 90's. Haha

  3. haha!
    you must love this kid.

  4. Loving the new blog look, also What would you like to know about my move to California. I sent you an email but I don't think it worked. I just replied to your message but I don't think your email was attached to it.

  5. Heh love the new blog look! Oh well, i love that little girl! Cos i pop's fan too!

  6. pretty new layout!

    i love that even first graders know michael jackson! what a cute little girl!

  7. I agree! Makes me feel not so old.

  8. ha. i love tales from your work jan-ban.
    keep them coming.


  9. That is outrageously adorable.

    Man I love kids. And MJ's Black or White.


  10. children never cease to be amazing.
    i'm an aspiring teacher too & for now work at an elementary school with 2nd graders & it's because of them people LOVE their jobs =)

  11. Wow! it just shows how much of an impact he's had.. even little kids know his music!


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