sparkly holga.

as promised, here are the latest holgas! dear holga did better than we could have ever imagined...

what an experience this was! it was so cold + snowy the night we took these. i thought that matches would be just fine for lighting the sparklers. i was terribly wrong. it was so windy + they kept on going out...we were ecstatic each time we managed to get a sparkler lit! and then i realized i was actually not very good at spelling words backwards...next time i think i shall stick to circular designs + symmetrical shapes and mike can handle the spelling. deal?

we were highly skeptical that these would work out...considering our previous attempts to cajole holga into  some good photos. sigh. but not ONLY did these ones turn out fabulously, but holga also produced some stunning black & white outdoor shots (future post! ahhh the suspense!!). mike + i screamed when we saw them. literally. we get rather excited about things like that...

thank you kindly dear holga for (finally) cooperating.

on another note, i'm sorry about the delay between posts. i had a massive project due on wednesday - one of those beastly monstrous ones that take over your whole entire life + swallow you whole. EUGH. but i managed to make it out alive- unfortunately this dear little blog was a bit neglected as a result! i don't know how all you full time student bloggers manage to be so diligent at posting...kudos. apparently i suck at time managment. but i'm back! and this week coming up is reading week so NO CLASSES. so expect to see more of me!

bon weekend!! joyeuse saint valentin! 


  1. Wow the holga really did a great job with these photographs! And the words are readable so you did better than most on writing backwards : P

    Good luck on your project!

  2. light writing with purpose is so difficult! it took me ages to get these musical notes: http://sending-postcards.blogspot.com/2009/07/should-it-stay-or-should-it-go-part.html - and they still look so lame.

    these shots are great. we just bought a diana - super excited. you are a brave girl for doing this outside - we just turned off the lights in our house!

  3. Beautiful pictures ! I love the new layout, too :)

  4. oh i love these! light art is so much fun- i'm so glad they turned out for you!

  5. what great pictures! and looks like a fun time, too! :)

  6. Stunning photos! Yay for the Holga working its magic!

  7. these turned out so great! i think i may have to try the sparkler trick out sometime soon!

    and hooray for finishing big projects! i love the feeling when they're finally done!

  8. Great pics! Hope you had fun taking them.

  9. Coucou, ca va? Je suis desloee que je suis en retard avec ce commentaire mais j'adore ces photos. They are sooo beautiful! Hope all is well, keep on creating these beautiful posts, they're so inspiring.

  10. I love Holgas and any lomo! I have a Diana F+ and haven't used it for like a year cause my films always came out rubbishy. Glad you got yours to cooperate so prettily!

    x x x

  11. Oh, I know, it's so hard to keep up with the blogging at times.. I hear you! I always do it when I should be sleeping instead, not a good idea I think.
    Those pictures are amazing! Holga should hire you for testing their cameras, hah.. Think about it, the perfect job!

  12. dear, those are fantastic photos! i'm a fan. and i love your new layout--good design just makes me so happy. i don't know why. anyway, kudos for getting ginormous projects done, and for happy holgas, and for all-around goodness. have a wonderful week!

  13. Thanks for the comment!
    I hadn't done any writing with light for ages until I saw this post. It was this that actually inspired me to do it, haha!



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