when a child gives you lemons
...make lemonade?

one of my favourite parts about working at the elementary school

is when kids say really really funny things... unintentionally.

one of the things i do at the school is lead rhyming groups with grade ones.
today, i told a group that i was really impressed
with the progress that they had made since september.

one kid nodded in agreement,
"i know. because now i can rhyme anything!
like sell rhymes with..."
he paused.

he was so gosh darn proud of himself,
i hated correcting him.

apparently i'm really good at teaching rhyming...


  1. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Kids are so funny sometimes, it would've been so hard to correct him. Thanks for sharing this cute little story.

  2. Oh, children. They're so silly.
    My favorite is being there when something clicks for them, when something you've been working on for a long time suddenly just makes perfect sense, you know?

  3. I love the funny things little kids say sometimes. They can make no sense at all, yet they think they are hilarious or very smart (and usually we as adults do, too!)

  4. too funny!!!!! gotta love what kids say!!!!!!

  5. Oh this is so cute....and funny :)

  6. hi twin :)
    hahahahahahahahahahahaha that's so funny, thank you so much for making me smile from ear to ear :D!


  7. Haha! Sell DOES rhyme with lemon... I remember I used to try and bend words to make them rhyme when I was little...I think that's why I can't write poetry!

    Oh also on my favourite bloggers list there's a blogger called VodkaMom - she's an elementary teacher and always features funny anecdotes from her job - you'd love her blog!

  8. Aw so cute it was Janis! :)
    I've always loved to work in Elementary school or kindergarten. I love kids so much! I think you can be always young and fresh with them.


  9. Haha, this is so cute (:

    Love the funny things kids come up with!!


  10. haha kids are so so innocent arent they! really cute.... did u watch Kindergarten Cop? the kids r sooooo adorable! i was laughing nonstop ;)

  11. Ahaha that's so sweeet. I love kids and the things they can come out with ♥ you really wonder whats going on in their little minds sometimes. why lemons like? :D

  12. Kids are so awesome! One of my favorite parts of college was working for as a literacy coach for a local Boston Public School. The kids were precious and so funny!


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