thank you friends.

i am so grateful for all your kind and thoughtful
i appreciated each one so much.

i think your outpouring of love
discredits anyone who tries to label blogging as shallow or vain
- although i suppose it can be at times.
i think blogging can foster a great sense of community.
i already feel part of this blogging community + i am grateful for it.
thank you for supporting + including me.



  1. aww, we love you being in this community :-)

  2. I feel the same about blogging. Yes it might be superficial sometimes, but as is any other friendship in a community. To me it's mostly a wonderful way of sharing, meeting amazing people, and expressing your talent and creativity.

    I hope you have a lovely day <3 Bisous !

  3. I am so with you. We both starting blogging pretty much around the same time.

    And i too witnessed all the lovely, kind and thoughtful comments (ok you called it notes) from so many wonderful bloggers out there. This avenue is a great form of communication, and creativity.

    The energy in the blogosphere is positive and amazing if you knows how to appreciate it and not abuse it.

    So far, i am enjoying the people i know through it, and i believe i will for a long time.

    Thank you for all the amazing peeeps out there! ;)


thanks so much for writing! i love hearing from you!