old typewriter distraction.

this past week, i spent a great deal of time hunched over at the desk in the office studying..eating..cursing exams..procrastinating..studying..eating..

during one of my studying lulls,

i started poking around the office,
looking for interesting things to distract myself with.

an old antique typewriter,
usually featured in the hallway,
has been cast off into the office to make room for christmas decor.

i started tapping away at it, and much to my delight,

i realized that it still works!

yes, it punches holes in the paper instead of typing the letter 'o'
yes, the 'e' is merely nothing but a big old smudge...
yes, the space bar doesn't really work...
but it sure is a beauty.


exams are done, so i will be back here in full force.
{they went pretty well i think! so relieved to have them finished!}

i think i could sleep a million years...
but i'm not sure when i will even get in a full 8 hours.

things are pretty crazy straight up until i leave for van city sunday morning!
but be assured, i will be be making time for the glee fall finale!

happy friday everyone!

love, janis


  1. wow! this typewriter is gorgeous. great find.

    and congrats on the end of exams! time to have fun (and sleep!).

  2. This old typewriter is so beautiful!!!!

  3. gorgeous typewriter! i am truly jealous of you, i have three exams left... congrats on finishing, i know you will have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My, it's stunning. And it adds to it's character that it punches holes in the paper instead of the letter O!

    ps: yay for finishing exams!!

  5. I have always wanted a old type writer.. how fun!

  6. lucky you! sleep in...or stay out all night. cuddle up and read book. Cool typewriter? where did you find this vintage one?

    Thanks for the lattern tip off!

  7. yay for exams being done! good work! all of us here in van city are excited for your arrival haha :)

  8. ah! your typewriter is so cute. and the smudgeness makes is better =)

  9. AH oh my god, a typewriter like that is one of my DREAMS! What a wonderful find!

    Also congratulations on finishing your exams. Man, mine are over too {since yesterday} and I totally just woke up after a 12-hour hibernation. Hadn't slept in 2 DAYS before that! How unhealthy!?

    Glee finale is awesome. Definitely made that my priority after I came out of my exam yesterday :)

    Happy Friday, lovely!


  10. Welcome, back!! Congrats on finishing finals, my dear! I know that feeling of being so completely demolished from all your hard work. However, I do think it made my enjoy the holidays all the more b/c I felt as though I had truly earned it!

  11. I am so jealous, Janis! This typewriter is absolutely beautiful :)

  12. oh how wonderful your typewriter works!!!!!!!!! My type writer is broken, unfortunately. so sad. But it looks pretty on my shelf :)

    I love your note to yourself!!!

    AHHHHHHHHH and congrats on finals being done. Hallelujah indeed!


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