the truth about santa claus.

remember when i said i wasn't going to be around here for a few days?
well. it's 2.30 am and i can't sleep.
so much for resting up for a full day of studying tomorrow....

so inevitably around christmas time,
kids launch into passionate debates about the validity of santa claus.
today i was sitting with a group of grade 3 and 4 students,
trying to settle them down to start reading group.

they were in the middle of such a discussion,
when a girl commented,
"santa clause WAS real.
he died in france."

"what?" i asked, a little surprised.

"yeah, i read it online."

a few kids nodded.
"yeah, my brother told me that too," another kid quipped.

and that seemed to put an end to the discussion.


  1. hehe!
    does that mean i dont get any christmas pressies this year then...oh no!

  2. Haha kids say the funniest things! That's priceless! I totally believe in Santa Claus, btw!

  3. hahah oh gosh, that's hilarious but also so sad!!

  4. Haha I love it. So where in France is he supposedly buried ? I'd love to check it out ;-)

  5. Ahahahahahaha....oh my gosh hahahaha. This is the funniest post. You have brightened up my awful studying day!! 'I read it online'. YIKES. xoxo

  6. aww so cute...kids have the cutest ideas.

  7. "i read it online" ??!
    at least he died in a romantic country...i mean, if you're going to die, dying in france is not a bad way to go.

  8. lovely post, lovely blog~

    kids say the darndest things ;D

  9. He died in France?!?!
    Any idea why? I'd love to find out!

  10. this is hilarious!
    amazing what their minds come up with ;0)

  11. Oh my gosh, kids crack me up. They're always so certain about things! Bahaha!

  12. haha. my grade two students told me Santa Claus doesn't have a list of who is good or bad, he has a magic snowglobe. When I told them I didn't know about this, they said that everyone knew this. I just told them Santa must be keeping up with technology.

    - lauren

  13. Yea, I heard that too!

    ;) hahahaha just kidding. That is really funny!

  14. haha i wonder where they heard that? this almost makes me rethink my grad school decision and become a teacher instead!

  15. Haha! That's awesome. At least that way part of the magic lives on. I think being robbed of the magic is the worst part.

  16. Maybe the kids are on to something?! That's an awesome story, kids are way cooler than adults sometimes.

    Btw the way, i've given you an award: http://trishiekoh.blogspot.com/2009/12/more-awards-woohooo.html

  17. oh my gosh! TOO funny! kids are so entertaining...you should hear some of the things the girls i coach say!

  18. Thats so cute! he died in france? LOL

  19. hey I just stumbled upon your blog:) very lovely

    I love your header! Do you mind telling me where you edited your photos? The font is really nice


    Kim xx


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