project sanity: day one.

project sanity
{aka trip to vancouver}
is off to a good start.

breakfast at weirdly whimsical sophie's cosmic café
coffee + laughs + long updates at arbutus coffee
christmas cookies + facebook stalking/mocking
{it's a fine line isn't it?}
at dani's.

supper on commercial drive.
shopping at metrotown.
eggnog steamers + chai lattés at starbucks.

canada line, you are beautiful.
i overheard a lady at the airport gushing about you;

"and it is so fancy!
a woman's voice speaks over the intercom!
and they have extra room for your luggage!"

i too was impressed.

better pictures tomorrow. i promise.
it was hard to pull out the camera between
cackles + gasps + long ramblings....


  1. I'm a Vancouverite and looove all these things... especially the Canada Line from the airport and shopping on the Drive.

  2. Sounds lovely so far :)

    Can't wait to see & hear more about it!!


  3. Hooray for sanity!
    your posts always make me want to go on a long trip, exploring all of the awesomeness Canada has to offer.

  4. +yea yea yea! you posted!
    insanely jealous right now!
    enjoy every minute j :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend that you so richly deserve!! Can't wait to see more pictures!! :)

  6. sounds SO fun!!! glad you're having such a great time! xoxo

  7. sophie's is so good! did you enjoy it? mmm i haven't been on the canada line yet..i would love to go soon!

  8. sounded like a weekend full of fun!

    can't wait to see your photos. x

  9. yay! great to see you got there safely and are having fun!
    although i may never be able to talk to you again after all the fb hacking.
    but i was proactive and changed my password! beat that, j.!

  10. ohhh this sounds like such a lovely Vancouver visit. I love Vancouver though I haven't been since 2006 but I would love to go back!!!


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