the weekend that was.

{oh pickles + burgers + french fries + ketchup. i love you.}
{xavier kept on saying,
"we're swimming at the beach! we're swimming at the beach!"
apparently 'pool' is not in his vocabulary!}
{pretty little desserts at work}

this weekend:

...burgers at the nook diner

...swimming + ice cream date with the nephew + niece

...crazy long day at the bistro

...the symphony with my mom

...an unsuccessful attempt to watch fame
{the 1980 version,
which i've been dying to see since i saw this year's horrible remake.
but, i fell asleep during it! darn it.}

...a nice loooong phone chat with this girl

oh weekend 6-8/11/09
it was nice knowing you.



  1. I know I'm totally biased, but my kids are so cute! :)

    Xavier CAN say pool....he just seems to call any body of water the beach. Silly boy!

  2. Man, now I want a burger!
    Dana, I'm not biased, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have some adorable children. So cute!

  3. you are just so adorable and i love this blog.

  4. yummmmmm burgers!!!!! and pool!!! What a great weekend!

  5. Oooh yum! Those burgers look absolutely teeth-sinkable-y... haha look at me making up my own vocab. .. But am looking fwd to having a great "real" burger when I'm in the states with P. this jan - perhaps at a diner! Love your job! What beautiful little cakes, how did you not gobble them all up.

    P.S. HAhah swimming at the beach made me laugh out loud

  6. That looks like one lovely weekend. I'm totally drooling over all those goodies!


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