les petites choses..

{a few people of my friends were asking what my shoes looked like - so voilà!
please ignore my probably horrible foot position...je viens de commencer!}

well. i think my dreams of being ballet-prima donna-prodigy were dashed tonight.
i must say, my first class was a LOT more difficult than i anticipated!
{i think i was a bit delusional after watching fame last night.
shoot. professionals make it look so easy!}
my friend alexis + i were tripping over our own feet, missing steps, complaining about sore toes....but
i still LOVED it
+ can't WAIT to go back!

practicing pas de bourrée five minutes/day.
definitely going to be watching videos like this!!


now let's talk about fame:

i am the biggest musical fan i know, but i was pretty disappointed.
there was definitely some great dancing + singing...
{oh my gosh. asher book...marry me + sing to me forever}
the story line was so disjointed! i didn't care about the characters! it was all over the place!
i was hoping for some charlie/jody drama à la centre stage...
i guess they just don't make dance movies like they used to in 2000.

my two favourite reviewer comments:

"The high school is so sanitized that there are no drugs, cutthroat competition, or - inconceivably for a theatrical milieu - no gay students."
Andrea Gronvall - Chicago Reader

"Members of the class of '80 struggled to stay in school despite homelessness and crime; the greatest crisis in '09 finds a student's Sesame Street work schedule affecting her GPA."
Michelle Orange - L.A. Weekly

i am a little embarrassed to say that i haven't ever seen the original.
but i will! i want the original grit!


now let's talk about facebook:

i'm a bit of an addict. so i have decided to take a break from it for awhile.
apparently the brains at facebook have become even more ingenious in feeding our addiction since the last time i de-activated my account.
look at this:
{click on this baby to make it bigger + get the full effect.
it gets all blurry if i make it bigger in the post...}

they have pulled up pictures of me + my friends during happier times...
look how facebook is tugging at my heart strings!
i'm imagining alexis, bent over double, sobbing.
krista, over-eating on chocolate.
tiffany, ripping out her hair....
will they miss me that much facebook?
well maybe i could keep my account open a just a bit longer...

nope. not going to happen.

so let's stay in touch this way. d'accord?

much love,


  1. facebook is so sly! i'm proud you resisted their ploy.
    keep practicing the foot work!

  2. that facebook thing is so ridiculous!

    "i guess they just don't make dance movies like they used to in 2000."
    i laughed so hard.


  3. I would love to take ballet class... just stick with it...it will get easier the more you do it.

  4. oh i'm sticking with it!! i don't give up easily :)


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