moulin rouge: the ballet

{photo found here}
professional shots compliments of rwb.org,
grainy blurry shots taken by yours truly
me & rozeanna/my pretty new skirt i wore to the ballet!

this evening,
i had the pleasure of going to the ballet with dancer friend rozeanna.

moulin rouge, the ballet
, presented by royal winnipeg ballet,
had its world premiere here in winnipeg this month.
the ballet has a different plot than the film,
but bien sûr mes amis,
it was still a tragic love story.
while some critics didn't love it
{read the winnipeg free press' review here}
i thoroughly enjoyed it.
here's why:

1."la vie en rose" by edith piaf was the opening number. j'adore cette chanson!!

2. since i'm taking an adult beginner ballet class {and finding it
très très difficile!},
i was blown away by the dancing.
i was completely mesmerized by their feet!

3. the costumes were gorgeous.

4. the can-can number. so many colours & so much action!

5. the absolutely stunning
pas de deux
between love interests matthew & nathalie...
lovely costumes, beautiful music, the eiffel tour in the background...
one of the prettiest dances i've ever seen.

6. it was terribly

i could keep on gushing, but i need to get back to my novel for my french lit class.

à plus tard! bon soir!



  1. I'm jealous! Sounds and looks fantastic.

  2. Jared and I were at the Forks today and I saw a brochure for this! It looks like it would be fun to go to - how much were tickets??? Maybe I could convince him to go on a date night with me there....

  3. Sounds wonderful!

    PS: i like your skirt.

  4. awww....moulin rouge the ballet! i checked out the Royal Winnipeg Ballet web url... serena sandford looks so pretty in that poster! so wanna watch~~~~~~~~~~~~


  5. this looks amazing!

    Do you have an email address I can reach you with? x

  6. heheh! my name is janice too except it's spelt differently!
    and it's even stranger that we both have 23 followers :o
    lovely blog!

  7. That sounded like an amazing time you had! By the way, thats a real pretty skirt!

  8. hahaha omg i take so long looking for pictures too! i took sooooooo long doing that post! and i seriously think i've got a problem, like i'm so perfectionist i think i have OCD :| like i did this online quiz for OCD and if you get more than 11, then you've got a high possibility of having it. i got 17 and i was like :O seriously want to get myself checked out sometime :|

    anyway, on a brighter note about nicknames, people don't call me 'j', i just thought it was unique to have one letter as a blog name (haha), however i think it's a good nickname..
    i get called 'jan jan' and 'jan jan the cheerleading man' (hahahaha) but my most common nickname is jambam!
    but i really don't like the name 'jan', someone once asked me if i wanted to be an accountant, because jan sounds like an accontant, and it really does! it also sounds like an old receptionist.

    p.s. i have this keyring and is says JANICE and the left and right sides, and JANIS on the top and bottom, haha! but sometimes i wish my name was spelt JANIS because a lot of people call me JANEECE when they don't know me, but with JANIS, you just can't go wrong!


  9. wow man! i just wrote a while essay! i've never written that much before in a comment, crazy!

  10. Wow that production sounds amazing! That is such a good idea to turn Moulin Rouge into a ballet! Also, I adore your new skirt! Tres chic!

  11. love the red lips and new skirt :D

  12. Ohh that looks so fun!
    I would love to see Moulin Rouge Ballet!!

  13. moulin rouge the ballet...now thats one i'd like to dance in!

    with the gazillion hours that i put into dancing, i make up for it by also being an expert at napping!!


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