coffee with the mrs.

quite a few of my friends have gotten married this past year.
while marriage is a loooooong way off for me,
my pretty friend mrs. carmyn campbell makes me sort of excited to get married.
one day.

here she is making me a hot drink with baileys one afternoon...

i'm always on the look-out for clever ways to hang/store my necklaces.

{right now i have them like this, but i'm not sure it's very practical}

carmyn was shopping at the forks market a few weeks ago,
and picked up this fabulous wall art...thing.
actually not really sure what it's SUPPOSED to be,
but she decided to improvise & use it as a necklace hanger!

love it.
how do you store your necklaces & other jewelry?
i'm still looking for a more permanent solution to storing my necklaces.

love this idea from real simple:

lots of love,

ps. i made the joy of cooking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
i think if i made them again, i would skip out on the nutmeg & cinnamon
{they were a little too spicy}
and a bit less oatmeal.


  1. how i have my necklaces at the moment is on individual white nails hammered into the wall, turning the entire wall into a work of art! sort of like hanging a million little paintings on one wall... plus takes care of the bedroom decor!

    congrats to your friend, i LOVE being married and these days it doesn't even really mean you have to grow up at all - it just means you always have someone to play with. :)

  2. I love having yummy coffee with good friends! I hang most of my jewelry on a wooden earring and necklace hanger that my mom bought me at her local natural food store. It does the trick!

  3. +definitely coveting Carmyn's espresso machine!
    and the cookies were fantastique! merci beaucoup! although i would agree, they were quite spicy!

  4. i sure hope there are cookies left when i get to school tomorrow! can't wait.
    carmyn's apartment is so pretty! definitely coveting that espresso machine right now...

  5. i store my necklaces in their original boxes & when i get lazy i just leave them on top of my table. ur fren's really creative with the wall art thingee! and may i say i absolutely heart her coffee machine!!!! i'll like to own 1 sumday... and the 2 espresso cups~ so cute! i'm sure u had a great time :)


  6. ha. kari and i wrote the same thing.
    sorry kare!

  7. That is a great idea for storing necklaces.

  8. I have the necklace-organising problem too! At home they're all draped over this mini-mannequin with protruding hooks that I recieved one Christmas. Although they are all one on top of the other and difficult to find at the last minute - not to mention untangle!!

    That oatmeal cookie recipe looks delish!!

    Bonne journee!

  9. hello fellow Canadian girl- Which part of Canada do you live?
    I'm from Ottawa, but now live in Los Angeles.
    Thanks for checking out my blog, love yours!!
    And all your beautiful photographs.

  10. i hang my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on a repurposed tylenol rack. it's sometimes annoying to get the necklace i want, but serves its purpose.

    i love these photos - and your blog! so i've passed an award onto you :) http://optioneight.blogspot.com/2009/10/potential-overindulgence.html

  11. Sounds fun! :)
    I love your photos. so cute! :)

  12. I love your photos - so pretty!

  13. I hear you! I'm going to one of my good friend's wedding next weekend!

  14. oh janis. this was a fun day :). lets resurrect this weekly coffee tradition shall we? love the photos. your blog always makes me smile. much love.


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