sunday breakfast.

it's easy to get into a breakfast rut once you find a fantastic little breakfast nook
for me, that rut is called fresh café -
a bright sunny little café with amazing fruit smoothies
& heavenly chocolate chip banana bread french toast...
{oh you read that correctly.
i had never even dreamed of such a thing until i tried it at fresh}

however, it's always good to try new things & de-rut oneself.
so yesterday, my friends & i decided to breakfast at
the frenchway café

it's a tiny little café
{about fourteen spots max}
run by a lovely french couple
{le monsieur is parisian while la madame is from winnipeg!}.

kd & i decided to split strawberry & chocolate crêpes & the eggs benedict.
the eggs benedict, while a little skimpy on the hollandaise sauce, was excellent.
but the crêpes...
oh the crêpes!
i could NOT stop gushing about them
- to my friends, to the waitress, to myself -
it was difficult to control myself.
maple syrup, real melted chocolate, fresh strawberries, paper thin crêpes...
complete bliss.
next time i go to the frenchway café
{which will hopefully be BIENTÔT!}
i will definitely not be sharing my crêpes.
it was pure torture having to pass over the plate to kd...
{but i did since i am a good friend}

after our delcious breakfast, we took a lovely autumn stroll at assiniboine park
it was by far one of the nicest mornings i've had in a long while...


ps. kari just got a fancy new canon rebel
and her park pictures definitely put my little snaps to shame.
i will post them as soon as i get my hands on them...


  1. What a lovely little morning it looks like you had!
    I love finding new breakfast spots.

  2. o my...choc chip banana bread french toast sounds heavenly! i've not tried anything like that b4. did u take any pics of that brekkie treat previously? link me to the post!

    n that crepes with the maple syrup, the real melted choc & the fresh strawberries...! i'm drooling right now.............. wanna get my hands on that plate!


  3. That breakfast looks to die for! I wish I could eat like that every day.

  4. The crepes look amazing! Love your photos from the park as well.

  5. mmm i am a total sucker for eggs benny. those crepes don't look too shabby either!

    love your (snaps) photos! xx

  6. What a great way to spend a nice morning together with a bunch of sweethearts! Have an awesome week ahead janis! xoxo

  7. I love brunch - so relaxing and indulgent, a combination of meals where you can get anything you want (I always sway towards the breakfast side of things)! It looks like you had such a lovely day with your friends. Times like those are such gifts in this life! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. beautiful photos... and now i am so very hungry.

  9. Gorgeous photos!
    Looks like you had a fantastic breakfast :)
    Super cute post

  10. Great pictures. Those crepes looked unreal.

  11. oh my, i'd like to savor that asparagus crepe right about now, please.


  12. that mug looks so cozy and the food looks delicious!

  13. You've been tagged!

  14. What a sweet morning!
    Your blog is so wonderful. I look forward to reading much more.

  15. Ooooh Yum!! This breakfast sounds delicious! There's something wonderful about finding a lovely breakfast cafe; it's like the modern girl's equivilent of "striking gold"... those crepes sound amazing.


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