Well, I never got around to blogging while we were in Canada. I was having too much fun snuggling babies, eating ice cream, playing bocce ball on the beach, etc. etc.

I have heaps of photos and stories to share about our time in Malaysia and Indonesia in July but I thought I'd start with some photos from Canada while they're fresh.

We headed out to our friends cabin again (see last year's photos here). I was honestly looking forward to it all year and it did not disappoint. We ate all sorts of delicious food, had tons of laughs, went for walks and picked blueberries and read books on the dock. After swimming in the ocean Indonesia, the lake felt like ice to me so I can't say I actually ever took a dip. But do I ever love that dock!

Here's to next year! :)


  1. Yes to all the above! And an even bigger one to taking a break from blogging to enjoy all those deliciously WONDERFUL things.

    p.s. looking forward to reading/seeing your incredible photos! love from dublin x

  2. Looks like a nice trip. Love the hair-whipping shot at the end! Are you going back to Asia again or are you back to stay?

  3. captures the beauty of a winnipeg summer so very well!

  4. So lovely! Oh those blueberries!

  5. Looks like a wonderful time! :-)

  6. ahh yes you managed to get the perfect hair flick shot! and any post that includes cute dogs gets a gold star from me, love it xo

  7. i almost lost hope you write again, luckily you've did it ;)

    Jo Jenkins

    1. can't ever stay away from blogging for too long! :)


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