Okay! Let's talk about our trip. Right after school ended, we flew down to Malaysia with a few friends. Up until then, we hadn't yet had a chance to travel with any co-workers, so I was pumped that it finally worked out (plus our friend Kevin from Canada joined us too).

We started off in Georgetown, Malaysia. We were all pretty fried from the end of the year, so it's honestly a bit of a blur. However, I remember walking around a ton, eating good Indian food, and being astonished by how much English everyone spoke (so different than in Korea!).

We didn't find that there was tons to do in Georgetown but I feel like it's ripe with potential. It has really beautiful architecture and so many cute little buildings just waiting to be converted into cool restaurants, shops etc. We stayed at Hotel Guest Inn Muntri. It was pretty plain, but affordable and good location. Across the street, there was also a really great little restaurant.

One day we headed to Penang National Park, which was a nice way to spend Canada Day. The boys zipped around on some scooters, which was apparently pretty nice too.

Next up: the Perhentian islands!

Some of Kev's Malaysia photos here.


  1. Welcome to Malaysia. I'm Malaysian btw. :)

  2. such incredible captures! i love traveling thru your eyes!

  3. can i ask what camera you were using?

  4. funny, I'm on Penang at the moment, and I recognize one of the Indian guys. he's been driving friends of mine around. small world. love your pictures :)

  5. I love the way you capture life in your photos. This all sounds really great - I'm looking forward to upcoming posts! x

  6. i am jealous, i would like to go there too :c
    amazing photos.


  7. what a magnificent world. You captured it beautifully.

  8. so great. are you guys both speaking korean yet? learning?

    1. ah the million dollar question! mike has learned quite a bit, i know ...a bit. my intentions are to learn more, but i'm always swamped with work :(


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