Well, I daresay that November's craziness is finally behind us. Just a few short weeks before Christmas holidays!

On Saturday, Mike and I did some Christmas shopping for family at Bupyeong Underground Market. The harsh flurorescent lights discouraged me from taking photos at the market, but I did manage to take a few outside the market and near our apartment. It feels like forever since the last time Mike and I were out and about, exploring our new(ish) home.


  1. i love seeing people going about their everyday lives over there! hope to see more posts soon, janis!

  2. Is that a lens flare on the first picture? Love it! Yay for Christmas shopping.

  3. love these! i'm so glad you're posting again :)
    thanks for the message, also. i'll respond soon!!

  4. Yay exploring! Do you feel like it's more your town after these last couple months? It's still hard to believe my favorite Canadian blogger is no longer in Canada haha! Let alone how you must feel :)

    1. it does feel home-y! sometimes it feels a bit surreal that we're living here, but usually it all feels very normal!

  5. it's nice when new places start to feel like home :)


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