as temperatures have begun to dip plummet into the -30ºCs (-20s ºF), mike and i have been revisiting our travel photos and videos from the last year with reckless abandon (him - thailand + laos. me - greece + turkey). a beautiful, sunny, but ultimately depressing escape. why again, do we live in this freezing wasteland? why are we not wandering around outdoor markets, reading books on sandy beaches and racing around on scooters in asia? oh right... that's supposed to happen after i graduate.

in any case, allow me to offer you one of my favourite escapes as of late - a video mike put together of his time in asia last march. it's beautiful. feel free to get lost in it for awhile, but don't hate me if it makes you even more bitter and depressed about the winter chill...

*song: anoraak remix of 'psychic chasms' by neon indian = perfect accompaniment.

asian adventure from Mike Severloh on Vimeo.

*we have also been dealing with the cold by plowing through seasons of lost. another pleasant yet dangerous diversion.


  1. Oh dear, my wanderlust was already reaching epic levels. This movie is stunning!

  2. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the video is! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Makes me want to go to asia.

  3. I really enjoyed watching this, please tell Mike he did a great job+please keep warm my cold friend;)

  4. I am from Turkey.Here is freezing,too.miss the sunny days.

  5. oh my, this is amazing. what a beautiful, beautiful culture/ mike is SO talented!! WOW.

  6. He did such a good job with the video. What is he using? We just have a dinky little point and shoot video and we rarely take videos. Wish we did more often.

    And why did you guys split up and head to different places last summer??

    So excited for Thailand! Maybe Mike wants to recommend some places like you so graciously did about Turkey.


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