hello from winnipeg.

a few weeks ago, i received a little package in the mail from my cousin emily. inside, i found her grade three social studies travel journal. emily is hoping that this journal makes it all across canada this school year. as it gets sent to different spots, she will be informed of its whereabouts via postcards. 

fabulous. projects like this make me pretty darn excited to graduate + become a real teacher.

next stop: my favourite italian sisters in montréal! (aren't they complete babes?!)
pps. some very observant readers may notice that mike & i's field jumping picture featured on the second page was in fact taken in IOWA, not MANITOBA. well...i think a field is a field...


  1. Oh, I LOVE projects like that- they're so exciting! (And I agree- a field's a field, no matter where it is.)

  2. I love that jumping picture! Such an amazing looking place too: not like anything you'd see in my part of the world!

    Kate x

  3. Ahaha such a great picture of you and mike!! What a fun project!

  4. How awesome!! LOVE this post!!! XO

  5. Bah! You guys are adorable.

    Three cheers for handwritten notes! And for projects like this. Genius!


  6. "o not excessively"...she MUST be related to you!!!!
    hahahaha, so so great.

    such a cute school project, and with your imagination and flare, o janis, you will be a GREAT, great teacher.
    i can't wait to see it in action.


  7. What a great project! I would have loved to do something like that as a kid! How exciting!

    I can completely understand why you can't wait to be a teacher! Although I don't 'know' you I think you're going to be amazing at it!

  8. I love getting mail, so much.

    And those girls are. so. gorgeous.

    Thanks for finding me - I seriously love your blog.

  9. hun, that picture of you guys jumping is seriously my favorite and I love that you have it as your profile picture on facebook.

  10. this is such a fun project! i love the postcard you put together for it; the photo of you two jumping is precious!


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