five hours...

till mike gets home! you may be getting sick of me talking about him all the time...but i'm sure once he's back, i'll talk about him even more + i will lose all readers.

{...i really hope not!}

while he's been gone, we've had many skype dates - 7 hours being our record! ha!- and loooong facebook messages... 

i've quite enjoyed snapping screen shots during our long chats:

{he is my favourite!}
{we liked to take sneaky pictures of each other eating. here is him eating a mango. 
i am never showing you the one he took of me eating cornflakes!}
{he is so handsome!}

while he's been gone, i've also been writing up an epic list of:

"janis & mike's list of things to do in april & may"
since i'm planning on leaving for turkey early june (sent off the application today!), we have limited time to plow through the 40+ items. might have to carry some over into autumn! some of the items include:

1. take photos in the photobooth at the airport
{expecting to complete that one ce soir}
16. go out for crêpes at the frenchway
18. paint his house
{affectionately named "ruby" since it's on ruby ave...creative, i know!}
20. finish flight of the conchords season I
27. go on a tour of manitoba hydro place!
38. go dancing
41. order indian take out + eat in on the hardwood floors at ruby

expect photo-documentation of all of the above! yayayaya!

sincerely, an extremely excited janis roseanne.

ps. he's promised to do a guest post on his voyages to laos + thailand! it's going to be incredible!


  1. Oh this is so lovely - how beautiful your relationship is. Seems like you guys have so much fun, warms my heart :-)

  2. You're so cute! I am so happy for you that you are in this great relationship! And what a cool list of things to do!

    P.S. Yay for your upcoming Turkey adventure! xoxo

  3. Hooray for Mike coming home soon!

    My family various and sundry friends painted our house two summers ago. It was an adventure.

  4. awww so excited for you both! all your future plans sound exciting and i can't wait to hear about his adventures. you guys are so awesome!!

  5. You guys make me laugh! The pic with the glasses is the best. P.s Rosie and I would LOVE to help with some of the list. i.e., DANCING and painting ruby :)

  6. Aaaawwww!
    So sweet!
    Are you SKYPING there?
    I just got a mac and what to start skyping with my family in alabama.
    Is is easy?
    I know you will have a lovely reunion!

  7. when i saw the title of your post, i knew it's going to be about mike. hahahaa. don't worry, you won't lose me as a reader.

    pictures of both of you on skype makes me go AWWWWW...


  8. did you know the manitoba hydro building was voted building of the year by arch magazine?


    it's a gorgeous space.

  9. hooray! he's back! you two are so sweet together.

    i love your list of things to do! indian take out and flight of the conchords = amazing!

    can't wait to see all of your (and his!) adventures!

  10. things to say:

    1) you and i are very much alike--my boyfriend and i have done similar video chats + screen shots when one of us is away (or even at our houses, separated by a few blocks) =D

    2) thailand? very cool!

    3) i love your list. especially #1.

    4) today (yesterday?...the 26th) was my birthday and i got a holga! oddly, i thought of you because i remember reading about when you got one. i'm so super excited. thought you'd appreciate. :)

  11. ummm...and when i say 'thailand', ...i mean 'turkey'.

    i'm going off of 2 hours of sleep mutliple nights in a row. : )

  12. i really, really adore your blog... it's pretty fantastic. :)

  13. The romance between my wife (then friend) and I was re-kindled while I was abroad in Australia via emails. Its lovely to look back on now, but was so painful at the time.

  14. You are not going to lose all readers!!

    and skype is an amazing thing, love it :)

  15. My goodness Janis. 7 hours? That's quite a record. Have a good time when he's back with the list of many awesome things to do together!

  16. Aaahh! I can't wait for the guest post! AND see pictures:)


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