land of living skies.

so that very well be tourism saskatchewan's catchy slogan,
{manitoba really dropped the ball on that one.
how did they score such a sweet slogan
and we got stuck with friendly manitoba?!?!}
but manitoba skies can be quite animated as well.

i don't have a lot of complimentary things to say
about the unbelievably flat prairies,
but i will say that the lack of obstruction
{ie. mountains or any sort of elevation at all}
allows for some pretty magnificent sunrises, sunsets,
and mid-afternoon cloud spectacles.

i left the elementary school at 1:00 pm today
and was just blown away by these living skies:hope you all had a lovely thursday. almost the weekend!!!



  1. wow these are lovely! great shots!

  2. stunning, j!
    the other day, while making my morning coffee i got to watch the most amazing sunrise. its funny what you miss when you're not looking for it.

    ps. i got your comment! you're the sweetest person i know.

  3. these photos are absolutely stunning!

  4. Those clouds are gorgeous! I've never seen anything quite like it!!

  5. These images are absolutely amazing. Amazing.

  6. hey twin!
    wow these are amazing, the sky looks like it's been coated with strips of cotton :)
    i hope studying is going well for you!
    p.s. my love notes were silly funny ones hehehe :)

  7. Wow! You're right, absolutely beautiful - your town should definitely change it's slogan!

    P.S. My state's is "The Smart State" - it's really embarrassing, but some stupid politician with a big ego put it in place and it's not really true!

  8. Those skies... it's like a huge blanket up there!

    Have a lovely Friday, friend!

  9. Gorgeous photos as usual!

  10. Amazing skies! I've always lived in wooded areas in the Northeast of the US. However, one of my best friends from college lived in Nebraska (a prairie state) and when I visited her, it felt so cool to see so far in the distance and the skies were stunningly beautiful!Lovely photos!


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