following in bella swan's footsteps.

okay okay. so i realize the twilight saga is a bit lame...
all you twilight haters are probably
wanting to shoot yourselves from all this new moon talk.
if that's the case, come back and read me tomorrow.
but if mysterious, handsome, dangerous men like edward
make your heart beat just a little faster...keep reading!

i haven't always been a fan.
i went to the movie last christmas rather reluctantly.
and then....
i came home and read all four books in quick succession!
while they certainly aren't the best written,
they are definitely exciting!
full of twists + turns!
{and perhaps most importantly, hot vampires.}

this summer, my summer my friend jenny and i
did a little road trip in washington state.
the plan was to visit the eastern side of olympic national park
before heading back to seattle.
we took a wrong turn and ended up heading around the western side instead.
{this may or may not have something to do with me accidentally
erasing the google map directions of my friend's ipod touch. whoops!}

we decided to roll with it
- not realizing how many hours it was going to tack onto the trip!much to my delight however, this meant we ended up passing through
all the twilight hotspots!
i would have felt really dumb intentionally planning to visit them all,
but the spontaneity of it all made it much less lame.

we visited:
where bella + edward meet and fall in looooove{i'm biting her becuase i'm a vampire...get it?}
the town of forks is really embracing their vampire status.
apparently their tourism has seen a
600% increase

since the publication of the books.

bella + edward fanatics can enjoy the numerous
twilight {tacky} gift shops, restaurants, and tours
{the movies aren't even filmed there...
but people still seem to be interested in seeing "dr. cullen's hospital"}
{twilight home-made crafts!}
{card-board cut-outs!}
excuse the horrible hair. we hadn't showered in awhile...

and t-shirts + water bottles + books + mugs + dolls + signs keychains + toys
...you get the picture.

{and most of this stuff was made locally.}

la push
dear jacob's indian reservationhonestly the town of la push was pretty ghetto
{my friend wouldn't even stop the car so that i could snap a few pictures}
but there were lots of tourists milling around on the beach front
so we got out and played.
i kept on looking for a quileute indian tribe hunk
to walk along the beach with like bella + jacob do here:
{no luck}{even the quileute indian reservation got in on the twilight fun.
they had signs informing you when you were entering/leaving twilight country!}
{there was even twilight evidence at our campsite. pity about the grammatical error...

port angeles
bella + jessica hit up port angeles to go shopping,
bella ends up getting followed,
edward swoops in with his volvo and saves her - swoon!
{image found here}
we didn't stay in port angeles long enough to take any of our own pictures.
we basically stole safeway's wifi connection,
realized my ipod had been telling us the wrong time
{meaning we were actually two hours behind schedule!}
and left in a flash!

and there you have it!

if anyone is more interested in olypmic national park than twilight,
it was absolutely gorgeous.
and if you have the time, i definitely recommend the drive around it.
{you can't actually drive through it}

while i have never missed a harry potter midnight movie screening,
i have to admit that i'm not sure when i'm going to go see new moon.
maybe once exams are done??

may i leave you with quotation than from none other than dear edward + bella:

Edward: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb ...
Bella: Stupid lamb.
Edward: Sick, masochistic lion.

ha. goodnight friends.



  1. hey i think that last picture is actually from the victoria inner harbour...i used to go to school in victoria....neat post!

  2. How exciting! It's nice to see real photos of what I imagined in the books!

  3. hahah i love the justification of your little sightseeing trip. jk aside, the beautiful scenery is enough reason to visit in my opinion, glad you had fun!


  4. you're right mart + lu. it's the port angeles ferry docking in victoria..whoops! i've changed the picture.
    {evidently i was rather tired as i was doing this!}

  5. Such a neat little adventure! I am on the fence with this Twilight thing. I saw the movie and liked it, read the book, and really didn't like it. But there is something mildly entertaining about it all, so I think I might have to see New Moon when all the crowds of swooning women have dispersed from the theaters!

  6. holy crap!! So fun!! I love that pic with you and the cut outs! I see the movie tomorrow morning!

  7. ohhh i just bought my ticket and im freakin out!! i cant even wait til midnight! those pictures rock lady, totally jealous you went there;)

  8. cute blog and it is so making me miss home :(
    (from Vancouver, BC but living in Charlotte SC and haven't been home for 3 years now...aack)

  9. I had no idea they were real places!!! I agree with you that the books are a fun read, but i'm not a HUGE fan. I'll see the movie but i'm not going nuts over the release. Harry Potter midnight release? you better believe i have my tickets WEEKS in advance! Twilight? hmmm I'll wait until the 13 year olds have already seen it. :) (I don't think I have it in me to listen to them say what they would and wouldn't do to a shirtless Edward again... yes, I did go to the premiere night for the first movie and yes they were definitely talking about it.. in EXPLICITE detail!)

  10. Such a fun post...love the cut board photo...~SMILES*

  11. just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my little ol' blog...

    and don't worry. i'm headed to the new moon premiere in about t minus three hours... so even if it is a bit silly, i am SO all about jumping in head first every once in a while...


  12. Haha I'm not a fan, but that was a fun story - also I had no idea that her stories were based in real towns in the U.S. - great for tourism!

  13. you went to the actual FORKS? thats pretty cool! i think the franchising for twilight has gone so overboard though. hope you enjoyed =)

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