pretty envelopes + kind postal workers.

so i really really love getting mail.
but i almost like sending mail just as much.
especially when i have time to spruce up the envelopes like this:
why just stuff your beautiful card in a boring old envelope
when you can throw a leaf on it?

for some reason,
i am always a little nervous when i slide my decorated envelopes
to the postal worker across the counter.
{maybe the leaves/pictures will fall off?
stick to other envelopes?
maybe the postal service dislikes nonconformity?}

today however,
i was delighted when the postal worker slapped the custom sticker
on the back of the envelope so that it wouldn't
"ruin the front"



  1. I ALWAYS decorate envelopes. It's so so much nicer to receive them like that.

    I used to be worried that all my doodles would confuse the postal workers, but so far it has worked out. I loooove your leaf idea!

    This post is putting me in the Christmas card spirit. I want to send everyone letters!!


  2. I love the leaves on the envelopes...so pretty! But sadly it would not make it through australia's strict customs.

  3. Great job with the envelopes! We never think about the envelopes...it's like the icing on the cake :)

  4. beautiful! i used to send all sorts of crazy envelopes to my pen pals... i miss that, so thanks for the reminder and inspiration! it also reminds me that i'd better get my christmas cards done so they make it on time to everyone!

  5. what a marvelous idea - and so gorgeous!
    i wonder if there is a way of incorporating this idea into our wedding invites or thank you cards......
    also, the postal worker sounds lovely - its always the little curtesies that make all the difference :0)

  6. Decorated envelopes are the best! I love your idea of using leaves- I usually just draw little pictures on mine.

    Instead of cutting up books, you can also use old calendars. My roommate last year had a HUGE stack of old calendars expressly for that purpose. It was pretty much awesome.

  7. those envelopes are beautiful! i think i need to start send more mail so i can try it out!

  8. i love getting mail! yours is so pretty and would be so exciting to receive.

    p.s. i definitely don't have a southern accent! i've only lived in charleston two years, i'm from nashville! i only know a few people that have accents and they are usually from somewhere in the deep south (although tyler has a little bit of one!) xoxo

  9. SUCH a great idea! You've inspired me to spruce up my envelopes - especially with the holidays coming up!

  10. It is always wonderful receiving snail mails. The whole idea of it is thoughtful and sweet. The moment you hold it on your hand, it's just so heartwarming.

    That's a pretty envelope you have got. Those leaves on it, just added more sweetness in receiving it.

    Kudos to the kind postal workers for making the mail as intact as possible!

  11. Btw the comment above this, was mine. Lol left a wrong user account name. Happy week jan xo

  12. i miss janis envelopes, your amazing xxxxxx

  13. I always love receiving your beautifully decorated envelopes and cards. You're so fun :)

  14. Oh my gosh. These are beautiful. Makes me want a penpal asap

  15. oh i love pretty envelopes- all these are great . xoxo boots

  16. Janis,
    your creative touch truly was amazing! It touched my heart so deeply. I've treasured your letters and made sure to keep them safe and protected as they are truly works of art.
    Love you with all my heart!
    Your friend,


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