hello again + a lovely affair

well my friends, sorry for being absent these last few days.
between final tests + papers + sleep deprivation
+ family visiting + working + feeling brain dead,
i haven't had time for much else.

but now i have only a few classes left + two measly little exams!
la fin est proche!

this week was made insurmountably better
by finally getting to see my cousin kayla's wedding pictures.
i was a bridesmaid in this lovely little affair this past august,
and have been waiting with
for the photos!

my other cousin's boyfriend was the photographer du jour,
so we acted pretty crazy
{no need to impress the photograher!}
and we had so.much.fun.

sorry for the poor quality of the pictures
i shamelessly ripped them off my cousin kayla's facebook!

nathan + kayla, you two are so crazy. i love you both.

hope you all had a swell week.


  1. looks quite, quite beautiful.
    congratulations kayla!!!
    p.s. went to her facebook to see the pictures in full size...not there? maybe i'm blind.
    at any rate, i hope the school thing is winding down!!

  2. Oh wow gorgeous photos. Also, the bridesmaids dresses are GREAT! Haha you got lucky with that, I've seen so many bad ones!!

    I feel your school-related crazy. I'm the same right now...but I only have 2 exams and an article left, aaaah so so so excited to have a month off!!!

    Good luck with everythinng!!! xoxo

  3. What beautiful pictures! I love weddings but haven't been to one is sooo long. It looked very fun and the bride looks gorgeous!!

  4. Congrats! Only two more exams and then you get a (well-deserved) break! These wedding photos are gorgeous! I love the natural atmosphere and poses! The bridesmaid dresses are so FUN!

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty wedding! Love the shot of those peacock feathers. But I'm pretty obsessed with those jumping shots. He looks like he's flying!


  6. love these wedding photos, you guys had so much fun and not one thing in sight is pretentious!


  7. Thanks for stopping by ! I love your blog, and those pictures are amazing. Now we need to do something about that French man ;-)

  8. It looks like you guys had a blast! And I love the bridesmaid dresses... they aren't 'bridesmaidsy' at all :)

    have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  9. your blog is so wonderful - I've tagged it for an award on my blog :)

  10. thanks for the comments, friend!
    don't worry, we are all in the same boat with homework. just dream of the fun we will have this winter. persevere!

  11. Beautiful wedding! Great photos! I always love wedding photos, so much love and joy. And that bridesmaid dress is so lush and pretty in purp! Love it!

    And hang on for that two measly little exams!


  12. These pictures are beautiful! I especially like the ones where everyone is jumping, I always think those are so cute.

  13. these are absolutely adorable :)


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