cookie monster.

ever since my friend kd introduced me to the wonderful world of smitten kitchen,
it has become my go-to place for all things culinary.

since i had the day off on wednesday, i decided to whip up some cookies.
ms. smitten kitchen proclaimed this recipe her favourite
{for the moment}
"kind of like the old school tollhouse recipe but better, even"
- clearly i couldn't resist.
{the niece enjoying her apple juice + fresh chocolate chip cookie outside}

and the verdict?

they are indeed very tasty cookies.
crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside - just like ms. s-k promised!

so tasty in fact, that the two dozen cookies were eaten in less than 12 hours!
{my brother and sister-in-law did come over with the kids. but still!}

i just might have to make another batch tomorrow afternoon!


ps. christa, {of je m'appelle christa} asked me to a fun little q&a.
let me know what you think!


  1. ahhh! those look amazing!!! i want to make some asap!

  2. chocolate chip cookies have been getting me through my recovery!

    {...but i'm a bit worried about the waistline!}

  3. Isn't that the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe? It's the only one I use anymore. I love it!

  4. WOWZER! they look amazing! YUMMM

  5. wow choc chip cookies! the perfect comfort food for the weekend. i'm thinking choc chip cookies & coffee ;) ur niece looks cute sipping her apple juice & holding the cookie in her other hand!

  6. YUM!! They look delicious. And cookies have gotta be gooey on the inside don't they?!

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. So yummy-looking! And your niece is so cute!

  8. Thank you!! And what a nice blog you have yourself! I love it! I'll definitely be checking in here as often as I can. Your niece reminds me of my own niece, it's the best having them around!


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