the pancake event

a few weeks ago, my friend kd made pancakes using this recipe from  
smitten kitchen
she was smitten indeed + would not stop talking about it!
then my friend s stumbled upon this fantastic tumblr 
- completely dedicated to pancakes!

so it was decided that we simply needed to whip up some 
pancake-with-heart-shaped-bananas friday evening. 
it ended up snowing heaps  so it was the perfect evening to snuggle up
and eat pancakes drenched in maple syrup. mmm.

 documentation of the pancake event:
it took us a long time to figure out how to cut the heart-shaped-bananas.
{it sounds easy right?}
i was quick to suggest a google search,
but my friends were convinced we could do without.
after a few disastrous attempts, my friends conceded 
and we found some helpful hints at this blog
the finished product!
the set-up!
{oh my gosh. just looking at the picture is making me hungry!}
me: vodka + sprite in one hand,
a forkful of the failed banana heart attempts in the other...
after stuffing ourselves silly with the fabulous pancakes,
we braved the snow and checked out a local show.
aren't my friends simply the best??
ps. i have a few more pictures of the pancake event posted on my flickr
check them out if you're interested!


  1. hello! thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about my daddy. i'm so sorry you've lost yours too. it's a hard thing to deal with. as the days pass though...i pray for comfort and peace...and He gives it to me. I don't know why my dad had to die the way he did...but i do know he's in heaven..free from pain and struggle.

    my prayers are with you as you pick up the pieces of your faith.


  2. Those pancakes look delish! And I love your blog, btw.

  3. omgawsh! cutest little post ever! vodka and sprite and pancakes!!! perfection! thanks for your comments on my blog and for following! i love my bloggly friends.


  4. Those banana hearts are super cute! I would have never thought of it when making pancakes, it added so much sweetness to it! I am adding to your following too sweetie, so we could stay in touch! :)


  5. oh my heart warms just looking at the top view of that bountiful table. we'll definitely have to post our pancake cook-off, or more informally called the 'pancake off'. especially now that we've perfected the heart shaped bananas!

  6. Yumminess! they look so delicious - what a fun time!

  7. Yummy, those pancakes look delicious!

  8. yum! those pancakes look delicious, and i love the photos. you guys are too cute, looks like so much fun!


  9. I love the banana hearts!
    Next time I make pancakes, I'll have to make some to go with!

  10. Ths sweetest dessert I've ever ... seen!

  11. do you think a pancake would survive being posted to england?? they look so good :) xxxx

  12. +oh janis. vodka and sprite + pancakes. you are just one classy lady!

  13. yummmmm! pancakes with maple syrup on a snowy evening sounds deliciously yummy... the idea of heartshaped bananas is interesting & creative! great post :)



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