flower print & corduroy

hi friends!
sorry for being MIA these last few days.

my dear little macbook was in the shop getting fixed
{oh how i missed thee!}

but now that he is back in my possession,
we will now return to our regular programming.

okay! so how about an outfit post??
{blazer: vintage tee: american apparel skirt: h&m shoes: r2}

hope you all had a lovely wknd.
mine was filled with cooking with friends, summer trip dreaming/planning, working a looong day at the restaurant, a nice long catch up with a friend, sleeping, and a visit to the park with my nephew and niece.
{photos of the park to come.
i maybe have the most photogenic nephew & niece POSSIBLE!?!}

unfortunately...not a lot of time was spent on homework.
oh well.



  1. great outfit, love the skirt & you look so happy in the last pic!

    (re your question: see update on the tutorial post:)

  2. yay! the macbook's back!
    can't wait to see those photos of the little ones!

  3. how perfect is your blazer? wow, i love it! your frame looks so delicate in that outfit, really lovely.

  4. Adorable outfit (love that skirt!)! Also, thanks for your extremely kind comment on one of my recent post! It meant a lot :)

  5. Great outfit! I really love the skirt!
    and you have such a beautiful hair! :)


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