seventeen year friends.

allow me to introduce some of mes amies...

this is kd:
she is almost a teacher {graduating this spring!}
she loves books + malcolm gladwell + movies + rock climbing + dresses + food blogs.
if i'm really lucky, i'm going to convince her to write a guest post every once and awhile!!

this is sea:
she's a university student.
she loves bob dylan + biographies + le français + old typewriters + skirts with tights + moleskin notebooks + russia + sylvia path
i'll get her to write on here too. don't worry.

this is k:
she loves her boyfriend + starbucks + la musique + her puppy + cupcakes + español.
it was also her birthday this past week!!

we threw her une très petite fête for her:

that card k is reading has memories from kindergarten all the way to the present!
we've all known each other a.very.long.time.
{and believe me, writing down seventeen years worth of memories sounded like a good idea,
but it was much harder than predicted!!}

since i like these friends a lot, i'm pretty sure you'll get to know them pretty well.



  1. oh friends, that was such a lovely night! maybe the world needs to see our birthday greeting to k.? i still can't believe our only memory of grade one was rats!

  2. you forgot the most important aspect of that party ... the birthday video! how much time, effort and planning went into that!

  3. i'm not sure that video wants to be seen by the world...

    rats rats rats cancer scare rats....

  4. +well alas i am just jumping onto the janis blog bandwagon!
    but what a lovely post. you girls are so sweet for throwing me a surprise party :) cake with bottom included!
    i think i need to find some interesting things to love...


thanks so much for writing! i love hearing from you!