getting to know eachother

plastering a picture of my face is so boring.
{and overdone!}
so i'm going to start off by showing you things ABOUT me.

ok lets start with some pretty things in my bedroom.
{bedrooms tell a lot about someone, don't they?}

my jewelry dishes.
{with pieces of sea glass straight from le fleuve saint-laurent!}

my mom's necklace which i have "borrowed"...indefinitely.

i love big dangly earrings.
wooden ones are from amsterdam.
the gold ones are a gift from my friend c.

i gave my room a bit of an over-haul last month.
and i'm so impressed that this dresser top has stayed SO NEAT!

so there you go. a little about me.



  1. i would love to put a face to the name!
    you should put up a picture of yourself!

  2. Pippy dooooooooooooooooo'sOctober 4, 2009 at 3:27 PM

    aaaaahhhhhhhhh YOU STILL HAVE THOSE WODDEN EARINGS!!! amazing... i'm sure they legally should be mine as i wore them so much... love love love you janis roseanne
    pip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


thanks so much for writing! i love hearing from you!