Hello again! I'm happy to be back share some of our summer travel photos. At the end of June, Mike headed to Israel for a week and I showed my mom around Korea (film photos from Mike's time in Israel to come!). We then met up with our friend Krista in Turkey. Krista and I traveled to Turkey in 2010 (see old posts here!) but were keen to come back to visit some of the spots we had missed the first time. First on the roster was Cappadocia!

I have been wanting to see Cappadocia ever since I saw it on Julia & Yuriy's blog (Gemma also has some great photos). Cappadocia is home to some wild rock formations called fairy chimneys as well as underground churches and cities. We stayed at Shoestring Cave House (as recommended by Gemma) and loved it. The owner was so helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed the pool! Over the course of a few days, we did the Rose Valley hike, the Open Air Museum, and the "green tour" through our hostel (hitting up Derinkuyu Underground City, Ilhara Valley, Selime Monastery and Pigeon Valley). Cappadocia is quite unlike we have ever been before and I highly recommend it.

Coming up next - a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys!


  1. Thank you for updating! Can't wait for the hot air balloon post. ^W^

  2. SO stunning. what an amazing experience!

  3. sooo beautiful, j.
    can't wait to see turkey one day.

  4. No way. I'm heading to there in May. Still a LONG way off. But I can't wait. So glad you wrote this post.


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