This is a quick little post just to wrap up our summer travels. We ended with a bang in Pulau Weh, an island off the coast of Sumatra. Two things of importance about the days spent there:

a) We stayed at my absolute favourite accommodations we've ever stayed at, Freddie's Santai Sabang.  No, it was not glitzy or anything like that. It was simply run by one of the nicest men I have ever met! Freddie (the owner) makes an amazing, elaborate feast every evening for his guests (you have to pay for it but totally worth the money). Freddie also went above and beyond with helping us buy tickets to the island since the Indonesian Airlines were rejecting our North American credit card. And the cottages and beach front are also just so beautiful. What a place!

b) We all got our PADI (scuba diving) certification out there. I'm totally an anxious person and not super athletic so it was honestly very tough for me and very nerve wracking. Crazy emotions - one morning I broke down and cried, another day I had a little panic episode during a skills test and then another night I couldn't sleep at all because I was so worried about our skills tests. But I did it! I still actually get a little anxious thinking about scuba diving again, so clearly I'm not a natural or a lifer, but I'm still so happy I did it.

Anyways, that's it for Indonesia. Next up on the blog will be some photos from when we went to Seoraksan National Park here in South Korea!


  1. The first photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous photos!

    I'm terrified of the ocean so I am totally impressed you got your scuba diving license! What an adventure!

  3. Beautiful photos! I am so scared of the ocean, but have always wanted to scuba dive. Reading about your experience was inspiring.


  4. Good for you for getting your scuba license! I'm exactly like you, I consider myself not athletic and I have anxiety so I decided not to get one and I let me fears take ahold of me, but that's awesome you were able to face your fears and get it!

  5. wow these pictures have me pinning for somewhere tropical and warm right now! my dad is a big scuba diver and I've always thought about getting certified as something for us to bond over, but my anxiety takes gets in the way - i totally understand!

  6. dream summer! i am dying to get to indo. beautiful photos. such an adventure!

  7. The top two photos are just breathtaking!! Can I ask what font you used for the top photo? Been searching for a similar font forever so many thanks in advance,

    1. thanks! i'm not able to check since i'm away from home right now, but i'm pretty sure it's "nevis" from dafont.com. hope that helps! :)


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