Last weekend, I visited my dear cousins in Alberta. I grew up with three brothers and no sisters, so these two ladies have always been like sisters to me. Just before I left on Monday morning, someone mentioned that I looked so much like Kristin, considering we were "just cousins." It made me smile all day!

*Photos taken in Kristin + Chris' beautiful riverside condo. I'd kill for all that natural light!

We've been playing some really great games lately.
Probe | Bonanza | Jungle Speed | Ticket to Ride


  1. I love that you gave game recommendations! I think we shall look into these ones.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations...I love Probe {all word games really...}
    I know Scrabble is close to your heart{s}. Have you seen Scrabble Anagrams? Scrabble Crossword/Dominoes? And a recent thrift store ~happy dance~ find Password. My family used to play Password when I was a wee kid, I loved it. I think you'd enjoy all these...

    {this site is pretty cool}

    I love these photos. They have a film quality {depth} to them...

    1. that does sound like a fun game! thrift stores are so great for games. i think we picked up our copy of probe from one.

  3. you guys really do look alike. :)

  4. beautiful. and I'll have to check out the games. :)

  5. agreed - that lighting is just fantastic.

  6. Ticket to Ride and Bananza = good choices

  7. Yes, what a beautiful space.

    The first thing I thought when I saw that photo of your cousins was that she looked like you.

  8. I grew up with only sisters (3!) and all my cousins are male, so I rely on them to be my 'big brothers' - so I get where you're coming from - even though it's the other way round!

  9. sounds like a wonderful weekend - i grew up with all brothers too :)


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