last week, mike and i had our "official" one year anniversary (the day he proposed to me was the one year anniversary of our first date. we officially started dating three weeks after that first date). since there had been so much celebration since the engagement, i wasn't expecting that we would do anything special for this milestone.

mike picked me up from school and when we got to his house, i discovered the most beautifully decorated tablescape. and then i realized he had made me dinner. and then i started crying a little bit. mike always claims he can't cook, but somehow whipped up a dinner of balsamic chicken breasts, lemon asparagus, and roasted baby potatoes. just when i think this man can't make me any happier, he does.

also: the table decoration gives you a bit of an idea of the sort of items that mike and i have been collecting for the wedding: brass animals, old jars, books, cameras, doilies and candlesticks. really, just about anything old. last weekend i spent $35 on the most amazing antique gold telephone. not very practical, but very charming.

and: thank you so much for your sweet words about my ring. i would love it even if no one else did, but it's always nice to hear that other people think it's beautiful as well.


  1. ...
    I was thinking perhaps Mike could write a handbook?
    I mean...
    This. is. perfect. Completely...
    xo to you both.

  2. MAGICAL.... beautiful love you both share. happy anniversary!!!

  3. daaaang girl, you've definitely found a keeper! that table setting is so magical & charming!! and the food looks fantastic. how romantic!!

  4. WOW!
    amazing! so well done!
    i loooove these pictures. yummy.

  5. how lovely. everything looks so perfect and picturesque.

  6. So sweet :)
    Who doesn't love surprises?
    And, I want that chocolate goodness in those cups! With the strawberry on top!

  7. What an incredibly sweet man, in the most genuine and unique way. We can all learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing the love with us :)

  8. forget dinner! hit me with that chocolate mousse! yummers! you have the sweetest kindest husband! So happy for you Janis!

    I do wish you were here in houston for the Urban Market, you guys would have found everything you needed for your wedding!

    Love the theme and style!

  9. That is all just so so beautiful. congratulations on..life.

  10. everything looks perfect :) happy valentine's day, janis!

  11. What a beautiful table he prepared, I bet you feel so lucky to have such a great guy!! Happy V day, I hope its one to remember!!

    The Smith Circle

  12. You guys are such a beautiful couple!! I can't wait to read more of your adventures together and your blog is truly one of my favorites. I get excited when you have new posts!!!! XO!

  13. your mike seems to be one of the sweetest guy on earth!!!

  14. This is the most gorgeous and cute thing I have ever seen. Mike, you are an allstar! Can you teach my boyfriend a thing or two? ;) You two are the cutest!!!

  15. janis,
    thanks for stopping by my blog again - i missed hearing from you! :)

    i highly suggest staying on north shore. but there is always the budget to consider -

    turtle bay is always an option
    there are hostels up along north shore by waimea and sunset beach, you can always check out.

    other wise try tiki huts. there's a bunch of cute beachy villas and little beach houses right on the water. it is in laie, where i live, great location. waikiki is crowded and touristy-- i'd stay away from that unless that's your style. kailua is gorgeous too - also packed with tourists, and more high end.

  16. Congrats on the engagement! You have a lovely blog!!!

    what a magical dinner :))
    indeed he should write a handbook to inspire for other men :)

  17. i just discovered your blog, and i'm in love. your photos are precious, and you two are adorable!!

  18. gah! you guys are so cute. i have to keep looking at all of your posts.


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