santa stops by

mike and i's friend steve recently entered a short christmas video for a contest on appvent. the video with the most youtube views wins a free macbook.

in the last six days, steve's video has been talked about on local radio stations and featured on ryan seacrest's site, the vancouver sun, the winnipeg free press, and the daily what. whaaat!? it's crazy!

good work steve!! check it out for a good dose of christmas cheer...


  1. omg janis!! this is amazing! my sister and i just watched it and almost cried. aaagh you guys are incredible! wishing you a happy holiday! xoxoxoxo

  2. oh good! i was hoping you were going to blog about this! this whole situation is so bizarre, yet so wonderful :)

    and also, i love you and i love that block is done, done, done!

  3. This is amazing! What a perfect little Christmas eve eve treat.

    Not to mention, the song is great. I love Noah and the Whale.

  4. this is amazing!! such a great christmas video. i may share this with my blog readers if that's okay!


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