boo at the zoo.

last week, mike & i took my nephew and niece to a halloween event called "boo at the zoo". it's held at winnipeg's zoo but very little emphasis is actually put on the animals. instead, they decorate the place like crazy, have tons of dressed up characters walking around, and offer several kiddie rides. xavier got to talk to a guy in a fully decked out batman costume - a dream come true for a four year old who wants to dress up as batman for halloween.

as a side note, let me just say that i'm going to be very disappointed if my children aren't as cute as my nephews & niece. it would seem most unfair...

ps. you have until friday, 8pm central time to enter the dani press card giveaway! i will be announcing the randomly chosen winner (although some of my friends have pressured me to do otherwise) on monday. dani happened to write a very sweet blog post about our friendship - check it out here.

*photos taken by mike, edited by me. i really need to give him credit more often...


  1. The photos and the editing are both great, I like how it's a team effort, he takes the photos and you edit them with your mad skills! Awesome!

  2. You are the salt to his pepper. A perfect combination of editing, photography and love. I especially love the shot with the shark, so rad.

  3. o i love this!!
    but even more so, i love the kid who looks like he is ASLEEP on the kiddie ride (is he!?) hahaha...


  4. these photos are just so gorgeous :)
    and I lovveeee your header xx

  5. Janis, i just wanted to tell you how amazingly talented i think you are and how i miss you very much! You are going to have beautiful childern!!!
    i love you lots!

  6. These photos are magical! What a fun event! And those kids are so angelic!

  7. These photos are so magical. It makes me feel like I am taken back in time.

  8. Good lord, that stripey hat slaaaays me! <3

    I just wanted to pop over and thank you for entering the giveaway for my 2011 calendar on Oh, Mishka. We've got a few left if you're still keen! (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) ;)

  9. New follower - hello!

    I think your blog is adorable and I absolutely love these pictures from the zoo. The kids are such cutie pies!


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