if i could re-live an afternoon over + over...

yesterday afternoon, my co-workers and i were invited to spend the afternoon at a camper's beautiful home on the bosphorus. our hosts were inredibly gracious and generous - providing us with a delicious lunch and letting us tromp through their bedrooms to jump off the balcony.

i only jumped off the low balcony. the highest balcony looked like a sure death wish. i was later showed up by the third grade camper who after much deliberation, took the plunge.


  1. oh, wow! I can see why you'd want to relive such an afternoon again and again. Carefree days and kind people are such rare gems in this world. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

    P.S. I love your photos! <3

  2. this is so random. Im pretty sure thats my friend tyler in you picture! I then went on face book and realized you YOU, an awesome blogger ive been following for a while, is hanging out with some of MY friends in Istanbul! Thats pretty nuts. Say hi to Tyler, Chris and Becca from Lacey and Phil for me! Oh an have an amazing journey!

  3. that house is just gorgeous! your photos are always fantastic.

  4. Yes! This place is amazing. Love the photos Jan.

  5. As a new Janis Blogspot follower I just want to chime in and say what a truly wonderful blog you have here. The pictures along with your creative descriptions make me feel as if I am actually reliving that day on the Bosporus with you, as if I was there myself. I really love all your photos, you have a real eye with the lens, however I notice one of the picture includes you jumping off a deck. An amazing picture, seems as though you travel with some great photographers!!


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