heybeliada island.

heybeliada island, turkey

well, i may be back home...but the turkey posts will probably still keep coming for awhile. because that's what happens when you take hundreds+hundreds of pictures of a beautiful country. bear with me, mes amis.

on one of our glorious days off, krista and i took an hour long ferry ride (for a whopping $2!) out to heybeliada island. heybeliada, the second largest island of the princes' islands, can apparently be translated as "saddlebag island". luckily for us (and you my dear blog readers) the island turned out to be much prettier than the name suggests.

the island has a cute little tourist centre, filled with shops & restaurants & a gorgeous waterfront. a stroll along the water took us into a bit more of a run down area of town, which still had a certain charm. we also walked to the national park and saw heaps of families have huge barbecues by the water. that's my kind of weekend activity.


  1. It's charming and peaceful. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. i love these photos- especially the ones of boats :)

  3. Great pictures! I didn't know you could take a ferry ride to heybeliada island!

  4. ferry ride for $2? A steal!

    also, I forgot to answer your question. I think I enjoyed Portland a little more than Seattle, although Seattle was also lots of fun it just didn't have as many unique restaurants.

  5. These are gorgeous!

    I've been itching to go on an island adventure- they're not quite as fancy as Heybeliada Island, but Boston has a couple of lovely islands right in our harbor. Consider me inspired!

  6. what a charming place! i really like the photos of the chipped paint building. gorgeous.

  7. the photos are so beautiful. you make me want to go back to turkey once again. ^^


  8. We have a very short but intense Education program (12 months) but it almost seems like a tease since I got to do what I love and in a sense it is now taken away from me. Definitely go abroad and enjoy the rest of your degree, it goes by quickly.

    Also, beautiful photos.

  9. I love that old white wooden building, it's got personality!

  10. great pics! love them! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B


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