dani press

my dear sweet friend danielle, is quite unlike anyone else i know.
she is incredibly passionate, independent, driven, insightful, and drop dead gorgeous to boot.

while i was visiting her in vancouver this past december, i was able to see some drafts of a card line she was working on. i FELL IN LOVE and have been anxiously awaiting the opening of her big cartel shop. well, the wait is over, dani press is up and running!

if you love beautiful photos + little type written messages, get over there right now and buy a bundle!
(danielle is also donating 10% of sales to an awesome organization working in africa called these numbers have faces!)

here are some of my very favourites:
(dani includes a little story behind each card on her website)

oh dani, i couldn't be any more proud of you...

(and thank your readers for letting me shamelessly promote my friend! that's what friends are for, right??)


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :)

  2. I love these! Hooray for talented and amazing friends!


  3. you both are so naturally gorgeous! so lovely.

  4. wow these are great! thank you for sharing miss janis!

    also i was just thinking earlier today, it seems that i haven't seen/heard you around as much as before and i thought i'd let you know that you're missed! i so love hearing all your adventures! xox

  5. These cards are wonderful, and so very different! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. My favorite is the last one! How beautiful/profound.

  7. wow! very nice! she's talented. if i were you, i would be proud of her too! xo

  8. Ooh I love these cards! That's so great!

  9. these are so cute! i love the one about love :)

  10. these are gorgeous! thank you for sharing - i'm going to check out her shop right now! x

  11. these are great! glad you plugged! :D

  12. so i have been going through your blog. and i love it so much <3 these pictures are adorable.


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