oh hey, didn't you write my report cards?

what could be better on a cold arctic evening than donning on some yellow pants
+ dancing away to the dj stylings of your grade three teacher?

oh yes. you read that correctly.
my former grade three teacher happens to be a bit of a music celebrity on the winnipeg circuit.
seriously...check them out! )
after getting over the intial weirdness, it was a fabulous night.

pretty sure no one did anything weirder than that this past weekend,
but if so, do tell!
(some photo cred goes to mike)


  1. ha! beautiful title.
    can you imagine if he ever stumbled upon this post? we would really be crossing the line into the realms of stalke-- i mean, groupi--, uh, serious music fans.

  2. i love...
    1. the yellow pants.
    2. that your former teacher is a dj
    3. these photos

  3. The yellow pants are brilliant!

  4. That is amazing. I am so weird about teachers having real lives, I think it would totally freak me out to even run into a former teacher on a night out. Good for you for being less neurotic than I am!

    p.s. I love the yellow pants.

  5. That's a great story!! What a fun time! I love a good dance party. And those yellow pants are smashing!

  6. +ahem. i believe some photoshopping was meant to be done on my face before you posted these! kidding :)
    and for the record, i think i took the one of you dancing in the yellow pants. i don't think mike was shaking the camera like i was!
    i love the anonymity of our grade three teacher in this post. no one needs to know who he is!

  7. I guess flying back home doesn't qualify as weird, so you win ;-) Your "weird" night sounds like a lot of fun !!

  8. excellent story - it's so strange when you realize that teachers actually have lives outside their classrooms. and that they're not so scary after all... maybe they're even a little bit cool.

  9. oh you look like your having so much fun. how cool!


    Damn, Janis. You're too cool!

  11. Thank you for your comment :) Yes, I believe I do have something for Canadian men ^^ And no, sadly, he is only staying for 3 months.

    Bonne semaine !

  12. The yellow pants are fun! Looks like a fab night.

  13. i would like to note that there are some fun light movement in the pictures i took.

    and would also like to mention that i highly approve of the layout.

  14. How seriously cool is that.

    I am definitely gonna pop in some yellow pants buy, seriously. You look great rocking in that. Lol.

  15. the yellow pants from van! yes! they are living some good adventures. tell them i'm proud.

    and i saw the comment you made on emily's blog, i love YOU more than i can say. straight up.

    with love,
    dani. xo.

  16. Here I am stressed out about a million assignments, projects, and tests that are/due tomorrow and I stumble across your blog and see you and your rockin' hot yellow pantalones. Joy!


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