it's a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown.

man. this past week was insanely busy. getting a handle on my courses + balancing my two jobs + trying to have a social life really wiped me out. this weekend has been busy busy as well, but at least full of fun things...such as seeing canadian darlings, tegan & sara.

it was so rad to finally see them perform because i have loved those quin twins since i was seventeen years old. kimberly + i would often find ourselves wailing out to the so jealous album in her white impala in grade twelve.
and now, finally, five years later, i was able to wail along with them in real life. magic! 

well, i will have to cherish the memory in my heart as i plough through boring textbooks + papers + and a disgusting amount of 'reflections' this week....


ps. i smuggled ms. holga into the show, but only had one picture left! the pressure almost killed me...
if the picture isn't too much of a let-down, i will post it!


  1. Love me some Teagen & Sara. Great pictures!

  2. I love tegan and sara!!! I've seen then twice

  3. Love them but I missed their Vancouver concerts. So good live!


    were they amazing?!?!?!?!?
    i am going to see them on tuesday in toronto!
    i cannot wait. my sister and i are going! it's going to be AMAZING!
    awesome photos!

  5. you're on your way to freedom - hang in there!

  6. oh they are so awesome! our wedding photographer took pictures for them a little while ago. he is friends with their drummer! what a fantastic duo!

  7. Aren't they the cutest? I love them! I met them a few months ago, here in LA and I totally showed off the fact that I was a Canadian girl, lame- I know LOL

    Love the pictures. I am obsessed with concert photography! (obviously)

  8. Oh I've been dying to hear about this! I thought of you [so jealously]. I loved them at the Burt last time, but it looks like you had better seats than I did.

    Remember the time we went swimming in the gravel pit and I fainted from the cold? Since you couldn't drive yet we sat in silence and listened to so jealous until you dozed off, my car windows were all fogged and my blood pressure was high enough to drive us home.

    I'd love to hear more details about the show sometime when you get a chance.

    miss you,

  9. What a fun concert! I love your photos of it- I hope the Holga shot comes out well!

  10. love them, bet it was a really fun show!

    and please come have tea with me anytime!! i would love that! xoxo

  11. So cool you got to go ! Your pictures are great (comme d'habitude ! ;-))

  12. didn't know where else to tell you, but here seems appropriate: get bloglovin'. seriously. it's so much better than the blogger reader.

  13. Hi Nice blog!

    Please come and visit me too!

    I hope to see you soon.

  14. those photos are awesome! can't wait to see the holga ones :) good luck with the new semester!

  15. tegan and sara! i encountered that pressure recently as well when i saw jersey boys the musical, and i felt like the guard's eyes were on me and me alone. but i did sneaked a few pictures tho, so proud of myself, hahaha.

  16. lovely band pictures! great angles an colors.


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