make me laugh over breakfast
and i will love you forever.

there was a time when breakfast was my least favourite meal.
crazy, i know.
i think this was before i discovered how delightful it is going out for breakfast with friends.

this breakfast i had last week with my three best friends was simply amazing.
it was maybe not the most delicious breakfast i've ever had,
but i don't think i have laughed so hard in a very very long time.

i sometimes think i have the best friends ever.

i know i didn't include any pictures of us killing ourselves laughing...
this was completely intentional. 
believe me, they were not flattering photos!


  1. I love these photos! Especially the one of the window!!

  2. Janis, there is nothing like a good time with good friends. This is making me look forward to a the nights I have planned with a couple of my girlfriends.
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season :)

  3. friends are fantastic. i'm glad you have such wonderful ones! i had a breakfast pow-wow with some of my best friends last month...thanks for reminding me how awesomely blessed i am to have them. yay for your friends and mine...and yay for food. :]

    also, thanks for the comment! for the record, i finally finished my finals. monday. now bring on Christmas. yessssssssss!

  4. Great photos, and looks like you had an amazing time...so wonderful!
    Merry Xmas, have a good one!

  5. These photos illustrate perfectly why breakfast is my favorite meal.
    (p.s. I love your earrings.)

  6. oh my goodness, i think you do have the best friends in the world.

    these images are lovely and make me hungry (hungry for good food, good company, and laughs only the best of gfs can give).


  7. Is it bad that I hardly ever eat breakfast? My stomach can't handle it! I love love LOVE breakfast foods, though!

    It looks like you guys had such a great time! I love eating out with friends.

  8. Hooray for best friends! Happy holidays!


  9. I love these! So lovely, so beautiful!
    :-) Is the one with brown cowboy boot you? :D

    Merry Christmas dear Janis! Wish you the best for 2010! xo

  10. Same here! I used to think breakfast was so boring, now I loove catching up with friends at cool cafes over a great breakky and coffee :-) Love these pics - makes me miss my friends back at home.

  11. i love breakfast with friends too!! this looks like a lovely time; that cow milk pour is adorable too.

  12. i'd just like to say that you take amazing photos! i love reading your blog posts. amazing! :)


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