photo swap

so about two weeks ago i received my roll of film from my photo swap partner beth.
between exams + my trip to vancouver + setting up my scanner,
i have not had a chance to post any of them...
until now!

here are three of my favourites:

aren't those cows great?

thanks so much beth!!
ps. can you tell that i'm having a lot of fun with my new scanner?
i think you'll definitely be seeing a lot more
handwritten messages on this blog...


  1. I love these, the light in them is so pretty! and I love that you've written notes too :)

  2. Gorgeous photos from Beth!!

    I can't wait to receive my film back from the developers... I think it's got caught up in the christmas post :(


  3. Gosh, I love all these photos! I want to visit the worlds they depict!

    Also, your new blog design looks amazing!!

  4. Haha i saw that you like this template too!

    Those are some great pics.

  5. i love the new look...i was just telling mart how i want to revamp our blog. two column style. i think pictures show much better in two column. its worth it for bloggers who put up their own pictures frequently.

  6. awesome photos!! love the orchard one!

  7. yes, definitely am in love with this new layout.
    (when did you get a scanner? was i being a bad friend and not paying attention?)

  8. Haha the girl in the second picture is me! lol
    It's nice to see that you finally were able to post them up.

  9. those are great photos! i love the handwritten messages too :)


thanks so much for writing! i love hearing from you!