parfois, je suis cusinière

this morning i decided that it was high time to end my tv marathon.
this past week i have watched more episodes of lost + 30 rock than i care to admit.
(the drama/comedy rotation keeps things interesting...
maybe too interesting!)

so i rolled out of bed + did some serious grocery shopping.
i spent the.whole.day in the kitchen whipping up the following:
-sweet potato fries + roasted garlic dip
(not that hard of a recipe, but for some reason i have never actually made it myself?)
(more on those later) 
(à la julia child)

oh soupe à l’oignon...
is there anything better on a chilly winter night? 

every once in a while i would glace out the kitchen window and see this:
oh winter. you're not all bad.


  1. that soup looks delicious...must try making that one soon! i know what you mean about the marathon...expect mine this break is twilight ;)

  2. That last picture is gorgeous! :-)

    That looks so good too!

  3. Love the view from your window!
    Onion soup is just perfect with this weather:)

  4. such gorgeous photos!!!! LOVE. your new layout is looking great too!

  5. Yum yummy!! These just sound so divine! I have been getting into a tv watching rut too - so many movies as Christmas presents! But I too get into a rut and have to get into something else! Cooking is a great idea!! Bon appetit!

  6. i just flew back to vancouver and returned to a very chilly apartment, a meat locker really.
    and all i want is some of your soup...i'd DIE for some of your soup!!


  7. Oh, gosh that sounds delicious!!! I think Christmas is the perfect time to so all those things as having tv marathons and eating garlic on a daily basis, haha... Thank you so much for your incredibily poignant comment on my post, I am so glad to have wise readers who make me feel normal, haha.. Happy New Year!!

  8. Looks delicious!!! What an extraordinary view through your kitchen window :) Great capture.

  9. If I am ever in Canada, you must make me dinner/lunch/breakfast. You honestly seem like such a great cook. The food looks delicious.

    I hope you have a beautiful New Years!

  10. thanks for commenting as always! you're lovely janis! onion soup! yum! i remember eating this in belgium...love the warmth! you have such wonderful pictures!

  11. Looks so delicious, and that picture actually makes me think that snow is beautiful.. BUT i don't miss the super cold winter back home in Ottawa lol


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